Wives with Knives

Know About this Show on 123Movies: Criminal Behavior Analyst, Casey Jordan, interviews women who have been accused and/or charged with stabbing their spouses or boyfriends. The viewer sees an interview with the accused women...

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2012

IMDb: 7.3

Season 1 - Wives with Knives
"A New Jersey bride attacks her husband in the premiere of this series profiling married women who committed stabbing crimes."
"A mother of four stabs her beau after he attacks her."
"A woman's fourth marriage turns deadly when she suspects her husband of having an affair."
"A stripper stabs her lover during an argument."
"A woman tries to kill her husband twice after he becomes too controlling."
"A pregnant woman is implicated in the stabbing death of her boyfriend."
Season 2 - Wives with Knives
"A Baltimore woman murders her drug-dealer husband."
"Jealousies between two deaf lovers lead to a deadly attack."
01 Dec 2013
"Sherrse Gaines falls for first love, Greg. But Greg cheats and she leaves him for Steve, who is unfaithful too. Sherrse takes him back but continues to play the field. Steve gets jealous and attacks her but Sherrse fights back."
20 Dec 2013
"Annette Hernandez is plagued by mental demons and addiction. After stabbing Cameron, she finds out she's pregnant.They reunite but Annette can't keep her demons at bay and the couple split...."
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Season 3 - Wives with Knives
"After a successful run as a cocaine smuggler in 1980's Fort Lauderdale, Donna Buchanan gets caught up with an older gentleman named Charlie. But Charlie, is an enabler and abuser. After years of misery, Donna snaps and stabs Charlie 54 times."
"Nicole Taylor is a spoiled princess never learned how to be independent. Spending a lifetime abusing drugs and chasing bad boys, she falls head over heels for Freddie. Her obsession with Freddie turns a lover's quarrel into a violent ending."
"Former track star Fatimah Leday joins the army, where she meets a smooth talking soldier named Carlton. The two return to the U.S. and marry. Unfortunately, Fatimah still wants to sow her wild oats, leading to a full scale war with her husband."
"Jamie Santos is a wild child who refuses to be tamed. She meets Jonathan and quickly becomes obsessed with him. They break up but later reunite, marry and have a child. But her jealousy eventually boils over with devastating consequences."
"Beautiful Latvian Yekaterina Petrov's mother dies and she loses herself in the glitzy Miami nightclub scene. When she meets Mark, a handsome club promoter, the two set off on a rocky romance fueled by sex, drugs and violence, making front page news."
Season 4 - Wives with Knives
"After being disrespected by men, Edna Wilson decides to focus on her career and family. When she reconnects with a high school flame, it leads to a whirlwind romance. But jealousy rips the marriage apart, ending in a fierce battle of wills."
"Terri Pearson is a transgender woman who's left to survive on the streets. She saves every penny to pay for her transition surgery and meets a man online. The romance blossoms then sours once he starts abusing her and she\u2019s has to fight for her life."
"After three marriages end in addiction and divorce, Debra Hudson turns to helping others through social work. Then she meets Jamie, a man she CAN'T fix, and their volatile relationship causes her own addictions to resurface with a vengeance."
"Tina Gardner thinks she's destined for greatness. She meets Andre who asks her to help launch a new business venture and they take Las Vegas by storm. The pressure leads to accusations of cheating and abuse with Andre on the losing end of a knife."
"Teenagers Tamara and Leo are forced to marry when she gets pregnant but the strain of raising a family rips them apart. Tamara falls for a friend, Marvin, but the romance turns ugly when he starts abusing her and she fights back with a knife."
"After two failed relationships Michelle Covington is swept off her feet by a former high school classmate. But excessive drinking makes him abusive. The couple gets in a nasty fight with the boyfriend in danger of bleeding to death from a stab wound."
"A young woman scarred by childhood traumas struggles to rebuild her life. She meets the man of her dreams but once they're engaged the couple\u2019s relationship crumbles. It's a dangerous game of he said she said that finally comes to a bloody end."
Season 5 - Wives with Knives
"To deal with the pressure of balancing school and work, Flora Williams turns to prescription pills, then she falls in love with an older man named Matt, and their relationship takes a volatile turn"
"After surviving a brutal gang attack at 17, Lashonda Woodard vows to never let anyone hurt her again, and she fights back with a knife when she encounters violence in her relationships with men."
"After years of failed relationships, Misty reconnects with her soul mate, Mark, but their relationship is a roller coaster ride of sex, drugs and violence."
"After a tough childhood, Missey Martinez finds stability in the world of stripping, then she starts dating her high school crush and makes a high-stakes gamble that ends in violence"
"When tragedy strikes, it sends Paula down a path of pain and despair, but she gets her life back on track after years of hard work, then a demon lurking inside awakens turning Paula's new life upside down"
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