Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Know About this Show on 123Movies: The submarine Seaview is commissioned to investigate the mysteries of the seas. Usually it finds more problems than answers...

Duration: 52 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1964

IMDb: 7.2

Season 1 - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
14 Sep 1964
"In exactly eleven days there will be a terrible polar earthquake. The resulting tidal wave could destroy civilization. The Seaview is dispatched for damage control. Certain enemy forces also go there to upset the Seaview's mission."
21 Sep 1964
"A research vessel vanishes during a routine mission near an island off Greece. Another ship is sent to investigate, and also disappears without a trace. Now the Seaview pays a visit. They ..."
28 Sep 1964
"The Seaview continues the secret underwater explorations that another sub was on when it mysteriously disappeared."
05 Oct 1964
"The Seaview arrives at an ocean rendezvous to pick up a Latin-American president, but the ship it meets is empty."
12 Oct 1964
"A scientist on a research facility in Antarctica discovers a new form of sea plankton that turns monstrously large and aggressive if exposed to heat. After the scientist mysteriously disappears, the Seaview is sent in to investigate."
19 Oct 1964
"A U. F. O. has been spotted flying around the United States, terrifying people and violating every airspace regulation in the book. It falls into the sea, which, after another ship is ..."
26 Oct 1964
"Nine months ago a diving bell was lost with four men aboard during an Antarctic expedition. One man, Jason Kemp, is found alive. He is suffering from amnesia and can't remember anything ..."
02 Nov 1964
"In the Fjords of a small Norwegian fishing village a small boat manned by three drunken fishermen is attacked by what appears to be a giant sea monster. When Admiral Nelson hears of this he..."
09 Nov 1964
"The Soviets have launched a rocket carrying a new satellite to be placed in orbit around the Earth. Everything is proceeding normally when they lose control of the rocket and their power to..."
16 Nov 1964
"Chip Morton and Curley Jones are in New London making repairs on the diving bell's guidance system. At the same time a skirmish in the control room of the Seaview sails directly into a ..."
23 Nov 1964
"Seaview is called on to investigate the mysterious crashes of several U-2 spy planes. They discover the cause is a magnetic beam of immense power. Then they discover that the beam is ..."
30 Nov 1964
"A very important Soviet official is defecting to the USA with his daughter. They are scheduled to be picked up in Indonesia by the Seaview. On the last leg of their escape, the official is wounded and the daughter is captured. With the official recovering in the sick bay, the Seaview now must either leave the daughter behind or make a rescue attempt. Time is running out, and dangerous agents are ..."
07 Dec 1964
"Winter in summer? Snow has struck the United States as far south as Florida, and Nelson knows why: somehow, the Gulf Stream has shifted east, permitting colder temperatures. Climatologist ..."
14 Dec 1964
"Whale specialist Walter Bryce has taken his family to sea in pursuit of the largest living creature ever to exist, an immense whale twice the size of the previously known largest creature ..."
21 Dec 1964
"The assassination of a king means Prince Ang receives an early promotion. The new king is just a boy, and has a lot to learn about ruling. In fact, he has a lot to learn about everything. ..."
28 Dec 1964
"President Henry McNeil has fallen and seriously injured his head. That imperils an upcoming peace conference; even a whiff of the president's incapacity may doom it, as he is the one man ..."
04 Jan 1965
"Admiral Nelson is kidnapped by a group of Nazis trying to re-establish the Reich after WW2. They want Nelson to be in charge of their underwater projects."
11 Jan 1965
"Admiral Nelson is aboard a new submarine when it is destroyed by a giant jellyfish. Nelson and the first officer are the only survivors. The two men begin a desperate battle for survival while being presumed lost at sea by the navy."
"No description"
25 Jan 1965
"An undersea earthquake exhumes hundreds of strange metallic capsules, and a powerful humanoid creature who could destroy mankind is restored to life after millions of years in suspended animation."
01 Feb 1965
"The Seaview is tasked with recovering a returned deep space probe. On board the probe is a robot as sophisticated as a man, and capable of experiencing everything a human can."
08 Feb 1965
"The Seaview is seized by a man calling himself the \"Buccaneer. As audacious as his plan is, it is only a small piece in a much larger plan."
"No description"
22 Feb 1965
"Crane is brainwashed to sabotage an important national defense mission which is being monitored by the national intelligence agency."
"No description"
08 Mar 1965
"Admiral Nelson becomes involved in a project to develop an amphibian adaption for man. He encounters conflict with the two chief scientists, rather than being cautious, both scientist want ..."
15 Mar 1965
"A Soviet leader, with some very valuable information, wants to defect to the US. The Seaview is sent to pick him up, but Nelson must first evaluate the information before deciding if the mission worth the risk."
22 Mar 1965
"When a missile is destroyed by apparent ultrasonic sound, the Seaview investigates with Adams, the mentally unstable launch commander, on board and finds an giant manta ray source which along with Adams' actions pose a threat to safety."
29 Mar 1965
"The Seaview is sent to investigate the wreck of the submarine Angler. They uncover evidence of strange behavior minutes before the loss, and Nelson sees this change in behavior as the secret to unlocking what happened to the Angler."
05 Apr 1965
"Nelson is to meet a scientist working on a secret project at Loch Ness. When he arrives he discovers the scientist is dead. A series of strange events leads Nelson to believe there may be a way for a submarine to enter the Loch."
12 Apr 1965
"This episode involves the testing of a new air mixture that will allow a submarine to go to the \"bottom of the sea\" literally! A brash, news hogging, admiral and his aide, along with his ..."
"Nelson's sister is abducted by enemy agents who demand top-secret information as ransom, but will Nelson betray his country to protect the only family he has?"
Season 2 - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
19 Sep 1965
"Admiral Nelson and a Soviet scientist are in a diving bell when the vessel is swallowed by a giant whale. With only 90 minutes of oxygen, Captain Crane, Kowalski, and Riley swim into the whale's mouth to attempt a harrowing rescue."
26 Sep 1965
"The Chinese have developed a way to turn a human body into an intense bomb. They intend to infiltrate the Soviet Union and create a diplomatic incident that will draw the US and Soviets in nuclear annihilation."
"No description"
17 Oct 1965
"Captain Crane is in Venice to meet a secret agent when she is killed. It is believed she had knowledge of a new secret Soviet weapon, and how to combat it. Crane's mission is made more complex when he is accused of the agents death."
"No description"
31 Oct 1965
"Admiral Nelson is contacted by a strange man claiming to be from the Office Of Naval Intelligence. He gives Nelson a cryptic message that Penfield is not to be allowed to become Secretary of the Navy."
07 Nov 1965
"The President of the United is visiting a new underwater installation when a power interruption freezes all communication. To complicate the situation they discover there is some sort of ..."
14 Nov 1965
"A research team are taking measurements of an underwater eruption. They discover a fissure that appears to lead all the way to the Earth's core. While the discovery is exciting, what exists..."
21 Nov 1965
"Nelson uses the Seaview to witness the detonation of a new bomb developed by the Chinese. No bigger than a milk carton it creates a blast over 70 miles across."
28 Nov 1965
"A manned probe is returning to Earth when it is suddenly caught in the grip of a strange force and destroyed. Investigations point to a secret Chinese installation being responsible. Capt ..."
05 Dec 1965
"Word comes through that Dr Liscomb has been kidnapped by a foreign agent posing as a toy importer. Liscomb has cracked the secret of the X factor, a new ingredient and everyone wants it."
12 Dec 1965
"Admiral Nelson is under pressure when a drone sub system he pioneered malfunctions and fires three missiles at New York City. The race is on to establish what went wrong and how to stop it happening again."
19 Dec 1965
"In 1978, the first space probe to Saturn returns and the Seaview is sent to retrieve it. Despite their stringent decontamination procedures an alien life form survives and, once inside, begins to take over the ship."
26 Dec 1965
"Admiral Nelson and Chief Starkey are marooned on an island with prehistoric creatures. The Seaview is trying to rescue them but they have an undersea monster of their own to contend with."
02 Jan 1966
"By air Nelson and Crane pursue a mysterious submarine stealing nuclear missiles. Their craft is shot down and Crane is captured. Nelson, recovered by a Navy destroyer, is bent on destroying the sub, not realizing Crane is on board."
"No description"
16 Jan 1966
"The Seaview finds a sunken German U-boat while mapping the ocean floor. Sunk during WWI in the north Atlantic, it is now somehow in the south Pacific. Its captain boards the Seaview with Capt. Crane as his prey."
23 Jan 1966
"A meteor storm ignites atmospheric gases in the southern hemisphere. Adm. Nelson believes one of the Seaview's missiles can extinguish it but someone on board is secretly trying to stop him."
30 Jan 1966
"The Seaview is returning to the location of a sunken ship to recover its secret cargo. There are a number of other sunken ships in the area, and the thing responsible for all of them soon threatens the Seaview."
06 Feb 1966
"The construction of an undersea canal is about to start with the Seaview tasked with placing the first charge, a 50 megaton nuclear bomb. But as it is being lowered an enormous whale swallows it and swims off."
"No description"
Season 3 - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
18 Sep 1966
"A strange intelligent organism is found at the bottom of the ocean. Once brought on Seaview the real threat the creature represents is realized. Suddenly every life on board the Seaview is in danger."
25 Sep 1966
"Scientists on a tropical island are measuring the radioactivity of a volcano when they are attacked by a wolf. Prof. Hollis shows signs of lycanthropy and threatens everyone on board, especially Admiral Nelson, whom he has infected."
02 Oct 1966
"After the arrival of a newly elected U.S. Senator to inspect Admiral Nelson's new weapon, strange things begin to happen, culminating with the realization that everyone outside of the Seaview appears to have disappeared from the Earth."
09 Oct 1966
"The Seaview's diving bell is driven by a tsunami onto a tropical island where a mysterious mist causes the survivors to see imaginary people and creatures."
16 Oct 1966
"An old man, adrift at sea, is rescued along with a sack of toys by the Seaview. The toys take on a life of their own and begin to sabotage the ship. The toys appear to be connected to an alien space ship lying on the ocean floor."
"No description"
"No description"
06 Nov 1966
"A controversial filmmaker's crew is killed by a creature on a remote island. The Seaview goes to investigate the incident. One of the crewmen has a special interest in the mission as his father was one of the victims."
13 Nov 1966
"Admiral Nelson wanders the Seaview and finds it abandoned except for Captain Crain and Chief Sharkey. He has no memory of what happened before or what the strange sounds over the intercom mean. Capt. Crane is also trying to kill him."
20 Nov 1966
"Space aliens lead by a entity which takes the form of deceased WW2 officer acquaintance of Nelson invade the Seaview with purpose of reactivating an underwater atomic base to acquire its energy."
"No description"
04 Dec 1966
"A scientist in an underwater sea lab has created a new form of plant life. His twin brother, who can control him telepathically, is on his way there via the Seaview, with plans of using the new plant creatures for his own sinister purposes."
11 Dec 1966
"An unfriendly government shoots down a cargo plane carrying a new top secret bomb. The race is on to retrieve the bomb and avoid detection from the enemy before the bomb can be accidentally exploded."
"No description"
01 Jan 1967
"While on a routine scientific expedition Capt Crane encounters a strange hybrid seaweed humanoid creature. Crane is captured by the creature and the crew of Seaview launch a desperate attempt to rescue Crane before his air runs out."
08 Jan 1967
"The Seaview encounters a strange structure on the sea floor. Investigating they discover a German submarine from WW2. Surviving Germans on-board think the war is still being fought. And ..."
15 Jan 1967
"A Norwegian scientific installation makes contact with an alien intelligence. The Seaview goes to investigate and ends up in a life and death struggle after the alien invades the sub."
22 Jan 1967
"While on routine patrol the Seaview begins to hear strange noises coming from an undersea canyon. Investigating they discover the source of the noise and the power behind the destruction of a British fleet in the area 200 years before."
29 Jan 1967
"Captain Crane discovers and captures a real mermaid. Everyone is interested in what the specimen might reveal until its mate turns up looking for revenge."
05 Feb 1967
"The Seaview is tasked with transporting a Mummy from New York for special secret testing. It becomes apparent very quickly not all is as it should seem, and soon a terrible threat is unleashed on the crew of Seaview."
12 Feb 1967
"The Seaview is tasked with attempting a space probe launch from sea. To avoid interference a skeleton crew is manning the ship. While en route the ship encounters a strange object that ..."
"No description"
26 Feb 1967
"The Seaview is following up reports of a strange island being sighted when it discovers a strange egg on the ocean floor. Everyone is puzzled and excited by the find until it hatches on board."
05 Mar 1967
"The Seaview is tasked with moving a series of crates supposed to contain statues dating from the time of Atlantis. Something far more sinister is in the crates and Capt Crane is the only one in a position to save the ship."
12 Mar 1967
"The Seaview investigates a strange cloud that seems to be the source of immense destruction around the world. The world has only 24 hours to live unless Seaview can crack the secret."
"Admiral Nelson has been brainwashed. After getting a vital energy source, he attempts to kill Crane and the visiting Dr. Land in an undersea cave. He then returns to the sub, gasses the crew and sets the reactor to blow. Can Crane recover and return to the Seaview before Nelson can destroy it?"
Season 4 - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
17 Sep 1967
"The Seaview is sent to stop an active volcano from erupting and causing a catastrophe. Accompanying them is Dr. Turner who's suppose to help them. But it turns out he has a different plan ..."
01 Oct 1967
"A puppeteer comes on board to entertain the crew. But it is later revealed that his puppets are alive and they plan to take over the sub. That's when they replace the crew members with ..."
08 Oct 1967
"When four capital ships vanish, Admiral Nelson and Commander Van Wyck are sent to investigate. They find an island where Nelson removes a dagger from a skeleton which happens to be the ..."
15 Oct 1967
"Aliens from the planet Centaur bring a capsule containing Commander Morton to Venus. They want to keep earth from invading their planet and kidnap Captain Crane in an attempt to bring the Seaview to their planet."
"No description"
29 Oct 1967
"Admiral Nelson and Captain Crane are shocked to see a scientist shot to death during a live televised news conference viewed from the Nelson Institute. Especially shocking is that the ..."
05 Nov 1967
"A scientist friend of Nelson has developed a device to control a rare white ape. The scientist's jealous assistant causes the beast to kill the scientist and the ape runs wild after being brought aboard Seaview causing destruction."
12 Nov 1967
"A man named Alpha from 2823 sends 2 Collectors to bring Nelson to his time to add the Admiral to his collection of military officers. Chief Sharkey goes to the future to help while the Collectors wreak havoc on the Seaview."
19 Nov 1967
"Captain Crane is attacked in the Flying Sub while looking for a mysterious sub pen. The Seaview's rescue attempts are hampered by a by a spy pretending to be one of the crew men."
26 Nov 1967
"An alien plant takes over Admiral Nelson in a plan to turn the Seaview into a giant greenhouse where it can take over the world."
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
31 Dec 1967
"The original Blackbeard takes over some of the Seaview crew including Kowalski to blow up a ship carrying King Solomon's Golden Throne. The remaining crew try to find a way to disable Blackbeard's power source."
07 Jan 1968
"The Seaview is sent to stop a warhead on the ocean floor from detonating. But a leprechaun wants it to go off. So he tries to stop them. But his good twin brother tries to help them stop him."
21 Jan 1968
"A lobster man arrives in a space craft claiming to be a friend but in reality he wants one of the nuclear rods to cause an explosion thus paving the way for an invasion."
28 Jan 1968
"Crane receives a Mayday from the Seaview and finds no one on board except a UFO expert. The crew re-appears and announces they are going to fire nuclear missiles at Washington D.C."
04 Feb 1968
"The Seaview rescues two scientist from a climate control project at the South Pole but something else is on the ship on a killing spree. The Seaview has to shut down the project before the world's climates change."
11 Feb 1968
"The Seaview and an intelligence expert who is more than he seems, try to find a group that is blackmailing the world's nations for gold bullion. The submarine encounters gigantic creatures during their search."
18 Feb 1968
"When Crane tests a new atmosphere to deal with extreme pressures, he turns into a Man Beast. Nelson races the clock to find a cure for Crane."
25 Feb 1968
"The Seaview investigates why part of the Italian coast has become overrun with jungle growth. Meanwhile new crewman Keeler has 3 miniature silver faced men grow to human size and causes jungle growth to spawn all through the submarine."
03 Mar 1968
"Investigating why the world's oceans are rising, the Seaview finds a race of Frost Men at the Polar Cap who are increasing the temperature and they want the submarines' reactor to help them leave the earth."
"No description"
17 Mar 1968
"Nelson is told the Seaview could be destroyed while carrying a top secret defense weapon but he has to determine if Captain Crane is an impostor."
24 Mar 1968
"Corpsman Mallory's 4th Dimension Machine causes Captain Crane to kill Admiral Nelson, but did he really? A hunted Crane tries to prevent the event from happening."
"Seaview experiences a sudden power overload and blows up, killing all hands aboard. When Admiral Nelson (who was at the Nelson Institute at the time of the accident) hears of the destruction of the Seaview, he gets an impossible to refuse offer from Mr. Pem (who survived from A Time To Die): in exchange for the use of the sub's nuclear reactor, Pem will transport Nelson back in time to before the explosion which destroyed Seaview. Once back in time, Pem renergizes his time travel device and brings the sub back even further in time to the American Civil War. Before the crew has time to absorb this, the ship is boarded by Major General Benedict Arnold! Now Nelson has to stop Pem's far-reaching plan to take over the world and avoid the explosive disentergration of Seaview."