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The fan-favorite cat-unicorn hybrid from The Lego Movie (2014) has adventures with her four other pals -- brother Puppycorn, scientist Dr. Fox, bodyguard Hawkodile, and boring, grey 1x3 Lego brick Richard.

Genre: Animation , Comedy , Family

Director: Lynn Wang

Country: USA , Denmark

Duration: 14 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 5.6

Season 1 - Unikitty!
"After getting a haunted board game from a shopkeeper, Unikitty and the gang get sucked into the game and must try to avoid all obstacles to reach the end and escape."
"When Unikitty notices that Richard is the only unhappy person in the kingdom and hasn't produced any sparkle matter, she gets Dr. Fox to create a happy serum, but the results are disastrous when Richard's sparkle matter starts growing huge and out of control."
"Master Frown sets out to ruin the gang\u2019s Snow Day, but gets stuck in Puppycorn\u2019s snowman and his struggles to get out make the gang believe it is alive."
"Hawkodile is the toughest action hero in the land, until his old rival shows up to take vengeance on him. Defeated and in need of help, Hawkodile must train Unikitty and the others into super muscle?y tough bros. And there\u2019s only one place unstoppable warriors are made, the Action Forest."
"When a giant monster attacks the Unikingdom, the gang fights back with Dr. Fox\u2019s awesome new secret weapon: a massive mega robot!"
"When Master Frown causes Unikitty to have an angry outburst that gets a little too destructive, she wishes her Rage Kitty side wasn\u2019t part of her anymore. Thanks to a new Dr. Fox invention, she gets her wish."
"Unikitty discovers Puppycorn\u2019s only other friend is a boring old rock. Encouraged to \u201cmake more friends,\u201d Puppycorn takes her advice and decides to literally make a new friend out of the best parts of his friends."
"After a workplace injury, Richard is unable to do his servant work. Unikitty and the others take on the task of one simple chore, clean the kitchen. This incredibly boring task taxes our heroes as they find every way possible to not do it."
"When Hawkodile develops a secret crush on Dr. Fox, he finds himself actually crushing down in size! Unikitty and the gang become his love gurus to help him confess his feelings before he shrinks away into nothing."
"Master Frown's head is stuck to Unikitty's rear end and are forced to pair up with each other."
"Unikitty makes Puppycorn ruler (as he's a prince, since his sister's a princess), but when he overflows his royal power, Unikitty and the others must come to the rescue"
"The gang buys a pet\u2014to no attention to Richard's rule of responsibility\u2014but then he escapes, and Unikitty has to pretend to be him until and if they find him."
"When Unikitty has an auto accident, Master Frown insists on taking her to court, but the legal system in Unikingdom is not what he imagined."
"When Master Frown steals Puppycorn's birthday wish, Unikitty and Puppycorn have to venture into Frown Town to get it back."
"When Dr. Fox's robot helpers go on strike, Unikitty and Puppycorn volunteer to be her research assistants. But as the mission grows dangerous, Dr. Fox is forced to choose between a scientific breakthrough, or saving her friends."
"Unikitty comes to the conclusion that everyone would be a lot happier if they would just think the way she does, and with Dr. Fox's help, maybe they can."
"At the Unikingdom Film Festival, everyone's excited to see what films have been made, particularly Richard, who considers himself the ultimate film expert and can't wait to blow everyone else's films out of the water with his own."
"You're watching the Unikingdom News Show Super Good Morning Time Program Action Information Show, a variety news program put on (badly) by Unikitty and the gang."
"Brock invites Unikitty and Puppycorn to a dinner party with him and Master Frown, but soon, when Master Frown starts focusing on his job to make people miserable instead of enjoying the party, it soon causes their friendship to fall apart, so Unikitty and Puppycorn try to bring them together."
"Unikitty and Puppycorn just want to veg out on Lazy Sunday, but it is also Chore Day, and Richard keeps trying to force chores on them. They try to escape him by being lazy pirates, and set sail using the couch as a pirate ship to rescue Dr. Fox and Hawkodile from chores, but when they enter Unikitty's room, which is a big mess, Richard uses this as an advantage to get them to do chores by joining the pirate idea and shoot cleaning supplies at them."
"After Hawkodile gets caught by two members of the Action Police for battling a giant monster without an action license, Unikitty and her friends try to help Hawkodile get rid of his action urges. If Hawkodile does not keep his urges under control, he will lose his shades. There is only one way to earn his action license: take the action test at \"The Department of Mayhem and Violence\". With Unikitty's help, he may be able to get it even when the Action Police plan to make sure he doesn't pass."
"When Unikitty and the gang discover a gross bug in the castle, they desperately want it gone for good - but Unikitty refuses to allow them to squish it, no matter how icky or dangerous looking it is."
"Unikitty finds an old, beat-up recliner on the curb on Trash Day, but sees its inner beauty and believes it can make dreams come true, so she decides to bring it home and introduce it to the gang. In a series of absurd and fun vignettes, we discover how the dirty, inanimate chair comes into each of their lives and changes them for the better, however Richard does not see what makes the chair so great and tries to get rid of it."
"After buying a skateboard, Puppycorn is determined to impress his skater friends with a stunt, but he fails. Soon Dr. Fox creates a plan to create cloaks to aid Puppycorn in his second try at a stunt, but when he succeeds at impressing his friends, he gets himself into trouble when he is entered into the Skater Stunt Games, the most dangerous skate obstacle course."
"Hawkodile tells Unikitty about a Bodyguard Boat he is building and decides they should use it to test his survival skills and show that he is prepared for anything. When they get lost out at sea, Unikitty's ideas seem to work while Hawkodile realizes maybe he is not prepared for anything."
"When Unikitty finds out Richard has the most tastiest ice cream planned, she gets excited. However when Richard says they will not get the dessert until after the dinner he is cooking, Unikitty sets up a heist with Dr. Fox, Hawkodile, and Puppycorn to secretly retrieve the dessert without Richard knowing."
"Dr. Fox is proud to unveil her new ultimate combat machine and take it into an underground scientist fighting ring. But Hawkodile is jealous of the fighting bot and declares he can beat anything it can, so he dons a robot costume to enter the ring, planning to defeat Dr. Fox's robot to prove he's the better fighter."
"Unikitty and the gang gear up for a fun day at the beach, but Master Frown uses his position as lifeguard-in-training to spoil their plans. They embark on a beach quest to find the legendary Perfect Spot, far away from Frown's tyrannical rule. Though Master Frown and Brock are not far behind."
"In an attempt to help Dino-Dude with his stomach problem, the gang plan to shrink down to tiny size and go into Dino-Dude's stomach, they do shrink down but when Puppycorn shows up, he believes the gang are action figures. At first they enjoy being Puppycorn's toys, but when they find out that Puppycorn plays rough, they try to escape."
"After Richard puts on an amateur magic show, Dr. Fox becomes obsessed figuring out how his science-defying tricks are done, but she goes a bit too far and upsets him after spoiling his magic tricks. After a giant bunny monster creates in the lab, Richard will have to use his tricks to stop it."
"An upcoming dance party is coming to the Unikingdom and everyone is excited to show off their moves, except Richard, who believes he has no groove. Unikitty decides to help, but nothing works, soon Dr. Fox decides to help him by showing off her newest invention: Grooveatron, a robot that will let Richard do some dance moves, but soon the robot gets a mind of its own and the gang have to defeat it in a dance-off."
"The landlord has threatened Master Frown and Brock with eviction unless they fix their apartment. Brock invites Unikitty and the gang to help. Instead of doing what the guys want to their place, she proceeds to do what she wants."
"During the gang's Halloween party, Unikitty discovers Richard isn\u2019t so easily scared, so the gang engage in scary stories to try and scare him; Hawkodile\u2019s story is about him chasing down a guy with chainsaw hands and a hockey mask, Puppycorn\u2019s story is about a ghost in the TV, Dr. Fox\u2019s story is about a monster made from Halloween candy and Unikitty\u2019s is about a stain on the carpet, which seems to affect Richard."
"Unikitty plans a parade to celebrate being unique, with everyone designing their own personalized floats."
"After their spaceship explodes, Unikitty and the gang float helplessly through space. As they try to formulate a plan that will get them home safe, they flash back to how each of them is responsible for their ship being destroyed."
"It's Christmas Eve and Brock is excited for Santa to come and visit as he settles down for a bedtime story from Master Frown, Unikitty and gang burst in. They are there to stop Master Frown from ruining any more Christmases. Frown pleads innocent but Unikitty and the gang tell the stories of the past Christmases he has already ruined. Will Frown prove his innocence or will he rocket to the top of the Naughty List?"
Season 2 - Unikitty!
"No description"
"It's now summertime which gives the gang a chance to have fun in the pool. But Puppycorn is afraid of the deep end, so Unikitty and the rest try to help him and show him how cool the deep end is, but Master Frown is destined to make things worse to increase Puppycorn's fright."
"After an accident, Puppycorn knocks his tooth out. After waiting for the Tooth Fairy, she doesn't show up, which leaves Unikitty to pose as the Tooth Fairy exclusively for Puppycorn. She soon takes up the opportunity to help the Tooth Fairy with her job along with her friends, which soon leads to disaster when they go too far."
"The gang is planning a surprise for Puppycorn, so they spell things out when talking so he won't find out. Desperate to know what they're saying, Puppycorn finds a magic spell book that he thinks will help him learn to spell."
"Richard finds the opportunity to take the others on a road trip, but soon the road trip turns haywire with bathroom breaks, stops to fix the tires and the van itself, interdimensional space\/time travel, crumbs, road rage worriness, and an \"evil truck\" (in a reference to Duel)."
"After Puppycorn sees Unikitty do the most embarrassing thing ever, she forces him to forget by hooking him up to Dr. Fox's memory machine. While throwing away the bad memories and keeping the good ones, the gang look back at the past memories together (clips from past episodes in a clipshow style format)."
"Unikitty and Frown decide to have the first ever Election Day in the Unikingdom to see who would rule the kingdom as Princess. This eventually leads to a heated competition when Master Frown pretends to be nice and gives free things away in order to win the hearts of the citizens, while Unikitty tries to win her way, much to the disappointment of the citizens."
"Unikitty and the gang (including Brock) decide to challenge themselves to stay up all night in order to meet the Sandman. After a night of activities, they start to notice that everything is not what it seems."
"The gang arrives at Doki Diamond Funland, their favorite amusement park to ride the life-changing ride called The Sugar Crash. When Master Frown arrives to get everyone out of the line, Unikitty and the gang try and stop him."
"Master Frown, Brock, and the gang finally get to ride the ride now that the line is empty. However when the ride turns into a never-ending nightmare when it keeps going on and on, the gang try to escape the ride before they're stuck on it forever."
"When Puppycorn's toy dump truck goes \"missing\", Unikitty and Hawkodile turn into buddy cops and track it down, car hood sliding, stunt driving and delivering cool one liners along the way to crack the case while Richard is forced to be The Chief (even though he doesn't want to be)."
"When they think nature is gross and dangerous, Unikitty takes Dr. Fox, Rick, and Puppycorn through the woods to prove that it's not all that gross, while Hawkodile stays back and defends the van from creepy raccoons."
"After destroying a group of chipmunks' tree, Hawkodile takes them under his care to train them into unstoppable fighting machines as Hawk's sensei trained him to be, but Unikitty believes this is wrong seeing as how the chipmunks are just kids."
"On Valentine's Day, Hawkodile is planning to get Dr. Fox to be his valentine, but there's never a perfect moment to confess his love, so Unikitty and her friends are destined to help him find the perfect moment to confess to her."
"When everyone starts experiencing dangerously low boredom levels, Dr. Fox introduces her new invention: the P.L.O.T. Device, which can make anything exciting happen, but it starts getting out of control when it's used too much."
"When Toast is kidnapped at the party, Unikitty becomes a detective to track him down. On the way her and the gang run into secret passageways and clues."
"When Frowntown goes sadder than usual, Unikitty and the others decide to deliver a rainbow to them to cheer them up, but Master Frown is destined to stop them in the style of Mad Max."
"On Taco Tuesday, Unikitty and her friends are making the best tacos ever, but mysterious beeping fills the castle, giving the gang stress. Unikitty explains they're Bad Vibe Detectors that detect sadness and try to figure out who's sad, when they discover no one's sad, Unikitty takes them into therapy to test if they're upset."
"After ordering food and it never comes, Dr. Fox introduces her latest invention: The Time Machine, which will let the gang make time go faster to get their order, but Father Time isn't happy about the use of time travel."
"When the gang get tired of doing everything together, a laser tag game opens up in front of them out of nowhere. They soon find out Score Creeper (from Spoooooky Game) is in charge of this place, and pit them in a laser tag game against another team. During the game, Unikitty insists they work together to win, but the others would rather be a Lone Wolf."
"When the gang get deserted on an island after an accident with a hot air balloon trip, they find comfort and enjoyment while Richard freaks out about chores at home."
"At the Zoo, Master Frown pranks the gang, which prompts them to devise plans to prank him back. Unikitty wants to prank too, but doesn't seem to understand the concept of a prank when she believes they are too mean, pranking Master Frown nicely instead of in mean ways, which worries the rest of the gang."
"When the gang notice Puppycorn is very accident-prone, Richard puts him in his old safety suit. It protects someone from any dangerous thing, but soon Puppycorn thinks that he can survive anything and starts doing very dangerous stunts."
"A mountain in the Unikingdom becomes a volcano when it gets in a very bad mood, so the gang try to cheer it up by borrowing one of Feebee's most precious flowers, but Feebee herself isn't happy about it, and tries to direct the gang in a dangerous path to the volcano."
"Unikitty and Puppycorn try to help Richard overcome his fear of flying in airplane while Hawkodile takes his flight test, but Richard can't seem to stop being afraid, no matter what."
"At Unikingdom's Cheerleading Competition, Brock vows to make his dream of being a flyer on the cheer team a reality, but Really Old Edith and her team shakes it up and competes with them, making the competition heated."
"When the citizens become bored and un-inspired, Unikitty takes it upon herself to re-inspire and excite them with a game of kickball. When the Doom Lords return to play against the gang, and the castle is at stake, the team must step up their game, but Unikitty wants them to be \"ragtag\" and tries to help her team lose."
"Richard notices the gang spending their money irresponsibly and the Golden Goose can no longer lay any more golden eggs, so he makes them get jobs. Unikitty decides to open her own business called Grandma Richard's, where they sell cookies."
"An asteroid is heading to hit the world and it's up to Dr. Fox and the gang to plant a bomb to blow it up. However, when it's revealed that the asteroid is alive and can talk, everyone hangs out with him, until the asteroid realizes Dr. Fox's original intentions. The gang then chase after him to remove the bomb before he explodes, but he's too sad to listen."
"No description"