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Timber Creek Lodge

In Whistler, BC the staff of a popular resort lodge live and work together. They are encouraged to party with the guests that arrive every weekend, as well as serve them. But where does the...

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 6

Season 1 - Timber Creek Lodge
"Timber Creek Lodge opens for business as the staff tries to find the balance between five-star service and entertaining their first guests \u2013 U.S. Military alpha men celebrating a bachelor party. Assistant Lodge Manager Jamie attempts to navigate through Lodge Manager Katy\u2019s hands-off leadership style. Mark and Jenna spark up a not-so-secret romance. The VIP Mountain Hosts show the guests the time of their lives heli-skiing, slip n\u2019 sliding and partying, but their obsession with keeping the guests happy obstructs the \u201clandscape\u201d of their professionalism and puts the future of the lodge in jeopardy."
"The staff has found their groove and everything is going well until Katy gets bad news from home, forcing her to make a tough decision. With the Bachelors gone, everyone takes advantage of their first night off and secrets are revealed over sushi and sake. Much to Mark\u2019s surprise, Jenna decides to move out of their room and in with Mark\u2019s ex-girlfriend, Nikita. The next group of guests will put the staff to the test as award-winning private caterer, Andrea and her family from New York give Nikita a run for her money, while everyone else is adjusting to the new dynamics of the house."
"After the guests are unimpressed with lunch, the pressure is on for Nikita to make a flawless family-style Italian feast for award-winning caterer, Andrea, and her family. Trying to prove himself in a leadership role, Jamie struggles to keep the standards of the lodge up to par as the staff disrespects his authority. \u00a0Butting heads with Mark and Nikita leaves Jamie no choice but to call Joey for help. Confused on where he stands, Mark starts to court Jenna and asks her on a real date. Cynthia\u2019s true colors come out as the rest of the crew gets to know her better."
"After breaking the rules and using the lodge for extra-curricular activities, Mark and Jenna must face the music from newly appointed Lodge Manager Jamie, at the urging of Louise. Later, Los Angeles fashionistas, the Nubry Bloggers, arrive with many last minute demands that put the staff to the test. Not helping matters is a stubborn Nikita, who refuses to be a team player, putting a strain on everyone, especially Louise. Jamie tries to sort everything out, but tensions between Nikita and Louise finally boil over after a discrepancy with tips."
"Tensions with Nikita force Jamie to reach out to Joey Gibbons for a resolution. Overworked Louise loses her cool when the staff has to host two separate groups of guests. Everyone scrambles to keep outrageous rockers isolated from a wholesome Midwestern family. Meanwhile, Cynthia and Colston devise a plan to find Tinder dates for each other, with mixed results. And Jenna begins to question the accelerated pace of her relationship with Mark."
"Mark\u00a0reveals incidents from his past that shock homesick\u00a0Jenna. Wealthy Texans want a \u201cLone Star\u201d experience at Timber Creek Lodge and insert themselves into the staff\u2019s personal lives\u2014 pushing Mark to his limit and to cross professional lines, putting the future of the Lodge in jeopardy.\u00a0Colston\u00a0has a special, unexpected connection with one of the guests, and\u00a0Cynthia\u00a0launches an investigation, as a result of her Tinder date."