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This Is Life with Lisa Ling

Award-winning journalist and former co-host of The View Lisa Ling goes on a gritty, breathtaking journey to far corners of America.

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Lisa Ling

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 7.5

Season 1 - This Is Life with Lisa Ling
"In the last decade, a host of websites have sprung up with a mission to match wealthy older men with young, attractive women, and for both parties, it can be an alluring opportunity. Dive into this world of youth, beauty, money and sex as Ling asks questions of Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies alike: Why did you choose this lifestyle? Once you get deep into this world, can you ever go back to conventional relationships? And what are the true costs and benefits when sex, money and power are on the line?"
"Utah, home of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has the lowest rates of tobacco use and alcohol-related deaths in the nation. Yet, every year more people in Utah are dying from prescription drug overdoses than are dying in car accidents. In this episode, Lisa travels to Salt Lake City to discover how the hard hit LDS Church is battling an epidemic that is wreaking havoc on its faithful followers."
"Lisa examines the question- can we manufacture genius; a genius sperm bank created by eccentric millionaire and businessman Robert Graham has produced 200 progeny in their 20s and 30s in hopes of being created more intelligent than their peers."
"Lisa Ling goes inside this modern day boomtown and explores its new women pioneers."
"Lisa goes inside the hidden, mystical world of Ayahuasca, and investigates the popularity of this unregulated form of self-exploration, the power and consequences that can come along with its ingestion."
"Lisa Ling goes inside Crane's world and that of other traveling strippers\u00a0who leave their home turf to travel to areas that are more lucrative."
"An exploration of the Gay Rodeo Association."
"Lisa travels to the Midwest, where more Catholic men are being drawn to the priesthood than anywhere else in the county, in a time where the Catholic population is on the rise, but the number of Catholic priests is dwindling."
Season 2 - This Is Life with Lisa Ling
"Two children of Warren Jeffs make the revelations to Lisa Ling that the imprisoned leader of the polygamous Mormon sect sexually abused them as children."
07 Oct 2015
"A look at life as a Mongol."
"Imprisoned dads learn to become fathers through an innovative program. 13 Inmates prepare for an unprecedented event: The father-daughter dance."
"Apparently men will pay a lot to be surrounded by beautiful women. Go inside the world of fashion modeling with Lisa Ling."
"Lisa relives her life as a 1990s raver, by embedding with a new generation of electronic music fans at a festival called Mysteryland."
"Go Inside the LA County Coroner's Office where death is business as usual. \u201cThere are things that I saw... that will continue to haunt me forever,\u201d said Lisa Ling."
"Lisa attends a pickup artist bootcamp to explore what draws men to the pickup lifestyle and to discern what pickup masters are really teaching."
"Lisa investigates Satanism, focusing on the story of its members including their desire to use their beliefs to promote equality in American society as well as to protest what they describe as oppressive values and rules of the Judeo-Christian religions."
Season 3 - This Is Life with Lisa Ling
"Lisa Ling gains unprecedented access to the Los Angeles County Jail to understand what it takes to manage the country's busiest jail."
"Lisa Ling enters the octagon with three female MMA fighters changing the perception of ultimate fighting."
"Lisa Ling visits Chicago to investigate whether a gentler approach to heroin use is being applied equally to the rich and poor, black and white."
"Lisa Ling travels to the most famous legal brothel, the Moonlite BunnyRanch in Nevada, to meet women who make a living off lust."
"Lisa Ling meets ambitious young people in San Francisco who hope to become the next Mark Zuckerberg."
"Lisa Ling embeds with the Philadelphia Police Department to explore how new technology is changing what it means to be a 21st century cop in America."
Season 4 - This Is Life with Lisa Ling
"Lisa Ling goes on a journey through the scintillating worlds of Tantra and surrogate partner therapy in search of sexual healing."
"Lisa Ling reports on the Patriot Movement and embeds with a militia deep in the Arizona desert who are preparing for threats both foreign and domestic."
"Lisa explores the massive and economically diverse movement of immigration from China to the United States and traces her own family roots to find out what it means to be Chinese in America."
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Season 5 - This Is Life with Lisa Ling
"Lisa Ling reports on the ultraviolent world of MS-13, investigating how the US helped create Trump's \u201cviolent animals.\u201d"
"Lisa Ling meets the law enforcement teams working to curb the crystal meth epidemic plaguing the people of Oklahoma."
"Lisa Ling explores the revolution going on in how people think about genders. She meets individuals across the spectrum who are seeking acceptance from those closest to them."
"Lisa Ling goes in depth into the role technology plays in the mental health crisis."
"Lisa Ling explores the lives of the children of mass murderers."
"Lisa Ling travels to the Lily Dale Assembly, a cozy lakeside village in upstate New York that is a community of mediums."
"Lisa Ling meets up with dads on the losing side of custody battles."
"Lisa Ling explores a unique community of animal super-fans called furries."
Season 6 - This Is Life with Lisa Ling
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