The Stats of Life

Know About this Show on 123Movies: Through census data, surveys and studies, we now know more about ourselves than ever before. But what's the story behind the stats? In our diverse modern world, is there still such a thing ...

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Jeff Douglas

Country: Canada

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 6.8

Season 1 - The Stats of Life
"The dating episode features a woman using dating apps, a single father frustrated with the dating scene and a lesbian couple who have dated long enough."
"The money episode features a couple struggling on an average income, a self-made woman worth $100 million and a couple considering bankruptcy."
"The home episode features a family working to up the value of their home, a family who bought a huge home and a pair of sisters who are buying their first house."
"The food episode features a family trying to eat meals together, a family that has weekly dinner parties and a couple that struggle to feed themselves."
Season 2 - The Stats of Life
"A couple who both work full time, a couple with a busy construction company and woman works the gig economy."
"A family struggles over screen time, a couple who both work in high tech and a woman who's off the grid."
"A couple with an Instagram-famous dog, a woman with show cats and a family who rescue aged dogs."
"A family sells to upsize, a retired couple needs to downsize and a couple tries to sell their house themselves."
"A married couple lives apart, a couple lives in a van and a couple who are both pursuing college degrees."
"A woman keeps a busy schedule, a couple carefully plan their retirement and a group of women form a co-op."
"A couple's burdened by childcare cost, a couple spends more than they earn and a family lives a frugal life."
"A couple worry about culture, a mother has a child on her own and a couple struggle with family values."