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The Lake Erie Murders

Lake Erie borders four states and Canada and is home to some of the darkest and deadliest murder cases. The Lake Erie Murders tells tales of haunting and fascinating murders and mysteries, ...

Genre: Crime , Drama

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 7.4

Season 1 - The Lake Erie Murders
"In October 1989, 10 year old Amy Mihaljevic is lured to a suburban Ohio shopping mall by an unknown man--and is never seen again. A 30 year mystery and nationwide manhunt ensues--thousands of leads, hundreds of suspects, one killer still at large..."
"Amy's killer remains at large. A cavalcade of suspects emerges, each more compelling than the last. Investigators explore each one. And then, 106 days after Amy was taken, a gruesome discovery some 50 miles away from her Bay Village home. A body."
"Amy's killer remains on the loose. The case goes nationwide. Margaret appears on Oprah. Anniversaries come and go. And then, finally, a confession. A man stands up in church in a neighboring town and declares: \"I killed Amy Mihaljevic \""
"When the body of beautiful high school student Debbie Gama is discovered in a creek wrapped in wire, the ensuing investigation ends up uncovering more than her murderer, revealing a secret world of twisted sex, drugs, sadomasochism and bondage."
"When 14-year old Gloria Pointer is found raped and murdered in an alleyway, it is the start of a thirty-year quest for answers by her mother who will not give up until she finds justice for her daughter."
"Mother of three Joan Giambra is discovered strangled, lying naked under her comatose 11-year old daughter. The young girl becomes the only hope of catching a serial killer but will she remember his identity before he comes back to silence her too?"
"No description"