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Know About this Show on 123Movies: A series of violent videos from an unknown user named 'monkeyman' target a group of high school students whose pasts are connected.

Genre: Drama

Actor: Katelyn Nacon

Country: USA

Duration: 18 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 7.5

Season 1 - [email protected]
"When former best friends Rowan and Hailey find themselves tagged in an online video showcasing a murder, they begrudgingly team up in a quest to find the third girl tagged, outcast named Elisia, to determine if the video is real or a prank."
"Mysterious user \"monkeyman\" invites the girls to meet him at midnight, while Rowan's hacker sister, Brie, discovers he's not only sending them clues via text, but also posting stalker videos of them online."
"When the virtual threats escalate to the point of revealing the girls' biggest secrets, they have no choice but to meet Monkeyman at an old motel. New Episodes Every Tuesday!"
"After receiving a hostage video, the girls are forced to keep quiet until they figure out who Monkeyman is before time runs out ."
"With no other choice, but to loop in Elisia's drug dealer exboyfriend, Ash, on their secret, the girls make a desperate plan to save their friend before it's too late."
"The countdown continues and Hailey receives a threat that she'll become the next victim. When she goes to visit Ash for a fix to help calm her anxiety, she discovers the threat of Monkeyman is real... and very deadly."
"With Monkeyman threatening the school assembly tomorrow and the countdown at 48 hours (the night of the big party), the girls list possible suspects... and find a surprising one in their midst."
"The girls focus on stopping the school assembly from happening before Monkeyman hurts anyone. In apparent retribution, Monkeyman begins revealing their biggest secrets."
"As the girls get closer to exposing Monkeyman's identity, they are made to pay the price. Exhausted and defeated, Rowan is terrified to learn that she is next on the chopping block."
"The girls get closer on their hunt for why Monkeyman is after them. However, a corrupt hard drive appears -- revealing something they never expected."
"The group heads to the big party on the final night of the countdown. The final puzzle pieces are placed together and the truth is revealed."
Season 2 - [email protected]
"Fixated on Dunbar's suicide, Rowan's as surprised as anybody to see Hailey back at school. Cryptic messages from monkeyman's account keep Rowan on high alert."
"Zoe, a new student, buddies up to Rowan in class. Rowan lets Hailey and Elisia in on the suspicious messages she's been receiving, and an univited audience crashes Hailey's audition for the school play."
"While Hailey gets acquainted to her new tutor, Hawk, Rowan discovers some unsettling information about the aftermath of Dunbar's suicide, and Elisia is attacked at the Grotto."
"Rowan searches Brandon's house for anything to support her nagging speculation, Hawk pushes Hailey to snap out of her apathetic haze, and the Zoo threatens a new target."
"Rowan, Elisia, and Hailey meet Stinger who's done some digging on the Zoo, and later, a startling video stops Hailey in her tracks."
"The threat of the Zoo intensifies when it's clear that they're not going to limit themselves to scare tactics, and the girls begin to wonder if there's someone else who's also receiving messages."
"Rowan's haunted by the memory of Dunbar's suicide when she returns to Nicki's house, and girls night in takes an unexpected turn."
"Elisia begins to suspect that Nicki could be the fourth target, and unusual happenings suggest that there may be outside influences motivating individuals' behavior."
"Nicki comes forward with what she's been hiding from the girls, Rowan remains focused, and while new romances blossom, Elisia receives a message that changes everything."
"Rowan designs a plan to outsmart KingCobra that demands all hands on deck, but the Zoo makes it clear that they won't be beat at their own game."
"With Hailey's help, Rowan attends a Zoo party in order to find KingCobra; however, Elisia's failure to act in accordance with their plan presents a new host of problems."
"Unsure of Ash's fate, Rowan, Hailey, and Elisia attend a heart-wrenching funeral service. With their number one suspect in police custody, the girls enjoy a fleeting respite.."
Season 3 - [email protected]
"After the bonfire, Rowan and Elisia are determined to confront KingCobra, convinced they now know who it is."
"Rowan's and Trevor's worlds collide as they learn some interesting news, while Elisia continues her search for answers surrounding Ash's shooting."
"Tessa approaches Rowan hoping she may be able to help her understand Nicki's suicide, while Rowan and Elisia learn about a dark web leader that may pose more of a threat than KingCobra."
"The guys head to prep school to learn what they can about Zoe's past, while Elisia learns disturbing information surrounding the night Ash was shot."
"Trevor tries to convince Rowan to give Brandon another chance, and Elisia develops a new friendship."
"Elisia realizes her relationship with Ash might be in trouble while Rowan meets Alison to discuss what she knows about the new threat."
"Tessa turns to Elisia when she realizes she may be in great danger, while Rowan and Trevor follow a coded message to a strange location."
"The girls interrogate Jai to figure out what she's hiding."
"The girls interrogate Jai to figure out what she's hiding."
"After a terrifying showdown, the girls realize where they have to go if they want to end this once and for all."
"When Rowan and Elisia wake up in an unfamiliar place, they learn the hard way that there are always two sides to every story."
"Rowan and Elisia learn that listening to a friend when they need you and leaning on family when you need them is not a sign of weakness but a sign of courage and strength."