See Dad Run

Know About this Show on 123Movies: An actor becomes a stay-at-home father so his wife can pursue her career.

Duration: 23 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2012

IMDb: 5.3

Season 1 - See Dad Run
"David ends his role as a beloved TV-sitcom dad and transitions into being a stay-at-home parent in the pilot episode of this comedy."
"David has to take Emily and Joe to school and take Janie to Mommy and Me class and get everybody home in time for a much-anticipated piano lesson. Meanwhile, Emily has ruined Amy's favorite sweater and asks David to pay for it in exchange for finding Janie."
"David tries to rein in his aggressive coaching style while working with Joe\u2019s baseball team. Meanwhile, Emily uses her parents as subjects in an experiment for a school assignment."
"A paranoid Joe thinks David has been turned into a zombie after watching too many scary movies. Emily tries to get Janie to be dependent on David and Amy, so she can go out to parties and no longer have to babysit."
"Marcus asks David to help him recruit a young actor to star in his next project."
"Emily brings a boy home to meet her parents; Joe and Janie compete to ask David the best question at a panel for his old sitcom."
"David and Amy learn that Emily will be an extra in the school play. But after the director learns that Emily is David's daughter, she is then given the lead role, despite the fact that she is a terrible actress. Joe and Janie try to make a viral video."
"Amy is upset when a rat scurries out from under an old recliner that David brought home; David attempts to handle the rat problem on his own."
"David promises to take care of the holiday preparations when Amy has to work on Christmas Eve."
"David tries to help Emily win a class election when she competes against the son of his enemy, and Emily and Amy surprise him with a tactic they use."
"David is terrified about taking part in the History Bowl at Joe's school, due to him not knowing anything about American history and not wanting to let Joe down."
"The Hobbs family takes care of Kevin when he injures his back."
"The Hobbs family gets mad and embarrassed when the paparazzi keeps taking embarrassing photos of them and posting them online. Mitch (Bryan Callen), a TV show host keeps reporting false stories about them and David and Amy try to get revenge on him."
"Amy becomes jealous after finding out that David had an exotic wedding with his first wife Nicole (Elaine Hendrix). David and the children set out to give Amy the wedding she deserves. Joe catches up with old friend of his, reuniting through Facebook."
"David installs a surveillance system in the house that monitors everything downstairs. David and Amy get angry when noticing that the kids are saying bad comments about them. Emily throws a party, David and Amy use the surveillance system to spy on her. At the party, Joe tries to impress Mary and Matthew asks Emily to the junior prom."
"David gives Emily advice on her relationship with Matthew. David plays hard to get while having his contract renewed to continue to endorse an orange juice brand."
"David tries to get Janie into kindergarten. Marcus and Kevin audition for a globe-trotting reality show, with help from Emily."
"David hosts a playgroup, where he meets other mothers and their different parenting styles. David then decides to have his own parenting style, by taking away Dr. Monkey Chunks from Janie, makes Joe eat healthy muffins, and makes Emily study for more French."
"With Amy off to a soap opera fan convention, David is left helping Emily get ready for the junior prom. David and Marcus accompany their daughters to find the perfect prom dresses. Emily and Mary then fight over the same dress. Joe and Janie trick Kevin into taking care of their every need."
"David's special Mother's Day plans for Amy get derailed when his self-centered mom, Maggie (Michele Lee) shows up."
Season 2 - See Dad Run
"David becomes good friends with a famous golfer, who is also the father of a girl who has a crush on Joe. However, Joe does not have reciprocating feelings for the girl. Kevin teaches the Hobbs women self-defense."
"David tries to get the family to the airport on time to meet Amy for a family vacation."
"Joe is in the spotlight after a heroic action; David tries to show Joe the benefits of being normal; Janie discovers what Emily has been hiding"
"David must plan Janie's biurthday party when the venue cancells at the last minute"
"Ted McGinley gets a reality show and challenges the Hobbs family to let him and his family live with them for 3 days; Marcus and Kevin get locked in the basement"
"Marcus casts both David and Janie in a father and daughter commercial that he is directing, however, Janie ends up being the one impressing Marcus' client, with another actor playing the dad in the commercial. Emily tries to prove to a judgmental student, that she is not a predictable person. Joe's friends all have crushes on Amy, after seeing an old film of hers."
"The family is stricken with the flu and David tries not to get sick to appear on Whitney Gibbons' (Raven-Symon\u00e9) talk show."
"David sending Emily flowers with the card missing, leads to Emily thinking that she has a secret admirer. Now, David must scramble to find someone to be Emily's admirer. David's mom gets Joe and Janie new cell phones, must to Amy's chagrin."
"David tries to get the kids in the Halloween spirit by plotting the ultimate Halloween prank."
"David has a hard time telling Janie that she is a terrible ballerina. Amy's soap opera character starts to become a bad influence on Emily and her friends. Joe and Marcus try to get Kevin to fess up about an old VHS tape that David told him to get rid of years ago."
"David's TV dad, Bernie (Garry Marshall) visits, then ditches, leaving David to take care of his newborn baby. Emily must take care of fake baby for home economics assignment."
"Joe features David as a stay-at-home father in his career day video for school; David begins to believe that his life is dull."
"Joe is sleepwalking due to first kiss with Amanda nerves, but David thinks he's nervous about a fight at school and gives him terrible first kiss advice. Meanwhile, a lonely Marcus is living with the Hobbs with his wife away."
"Marcus' wife returns home a changed woman, and the Hobbses struggle to fit in with her. Elsewhere, Joe drops his old pals when he sets his sights on winning a dance trophy at school."
"The Hobbs reluctantly attend an anniversary weekend party for his cousin, Fred, only to discover that once again Fred has taken advantage of David's star power to enjoy all of the \"perks\", leaving David to plan his revenge."
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Season 3 - See Dad Run
"Joe fears there\u2019s a curse on the Hobbs\u2019 men concerning Valentine\u2019s Day. Elsewhere, Amy finds a necklace and thinks it\u2019s her present, but she\u2019s mistaken."
"David thinks that the house is cluttered and asks everyone to make some sacrifices; Kevin tracks down another ``See Dad Run'' fan."
"David lets Joe play hooky; feeling guilty, Joe reveals the truth; Amy and Emily want to learn which neighbor is not cleaning up after their dog."
"David thinks Emily is not ready to drive when his coaching makes her nervous; Janie discovers that Dr. Monkey Chunks was run over in the driveway."
"After being forbidden to drive at night, Emily takes Amy's car and goes to a party; Joe wants more responsibility."
"David takes Joe's scout troop on a camping trip with help from his old crew."
"After Joe's favorite teacher quits to follow his dream, David tries to get the teacher back."
"David decides to help Joe build a tree house; Emily gets her first job on Amy's set."
"While acting as room mother, David finds it to be a lot of work, and tries to get out of it."
"David gets Emily an internship at a news show, and she loves it so much she considers dropping out of school. Meanwhile, Joe and his friends prepare for their talent show performance. Guest Star: Nicole Sullivan."
"When Janie refuses to follow David's rules, she runs away to Marcus' house and David tries everything to get her to come back home. Meanwhile, Emily tries to take advantage of Joe to get close to his new older friend."
"David challenges a wrestler to a televised event in order to impress Joe and his friends."