Know About this Show on 123Movies: Established in 1884, Redbridge Rovers F.C. are one of the oldest club's in England - and one of the worst. A new sitcom introducing us to the characters who gather within the social club of a non-league football club.

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 6.1

Season 1 - Rovers
"Doreen is showing new barmaid Sam the ropes while gossiping about the team captain and trying to raffle off a platter of meat that is of questionable quality. Pete gets locked in the loo with little hope of release."
"Pete finds himself in an awkward situation when he blames the goalkeeper for the club's latest defeat. Tom's new trousers cause amusement and Sam tries to cover up her own clumsiness."
"It's fundraising night in the clubhouse but the pressure proves too much for Pete when he tries to set a record for eating the most fish fingers."
"England take on Macedonia and the fans tune in at the clubhouse. Mandy confides in Doreen about her night with Willy. But could anyone be eavesdropping?"
"Things don't go entirely as Pete hoped when he brings his young son Stanley to his first ever Redbridge Rovers game."
"Pete lays on a huge surprise for Doreen as she celebrates 25 years of working at the Rovers' clubhouse."