Murder in Successville

Know About this Show on 123Movies: Each week D.I. Sleet is partnered by a celebrity guest as they investigate a murder in the titular town, which is in turn seemingly peopled entirely by 'celebrities'.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Cariad Lloyd , Rachel Parris , Marie Lawrence

Country: UK

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 7.8

Season 1 - Murder in Successville
"In this episode, DI Sleet is joined by Made in Chelsea's Jamie Laing who takes on the role of his sidekick. They learn that local restaurateur Bruno Tonioli has been shot in a brutal murder that has all the hallmarks of a gangland killing."
"DI Sleet is joined by Radio One DJ Greg James. Our detectives learn that there has been a murder at the Successville Art Gallery - Reese Witherspoon (owner of Successville's chain of bars, the Witherspoons) has been killed."
"DI Sleet is joined by Dragons' Den star Deborah Meaden as they head up to Lady Gaga's mansion to deal with a minor complaint."
"DI Sleet is joined by TV presenter Dermot O'Leary to help solve the kidnapping of Mayor Simon Cowell and the murder of his PA, Amanda Holden."
"DI Sleet is joined by Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt to help solve a murder down at Successville Hospital, where Dr Wayne Rooney has been bandaged to death."
"DI Sleet is joined by Olympic gymnast Louis Smith to help solve the murder of pharmacist Lindsay Lohan who has been spray-tanned to death."
Season 2 - Murder in Successville
"On his birthday, Sleet becomes a murder suspect when Nick Knowles' body is discovered in the detective's car. Rookie cop Vicky Pattison must break him out of prison and try and find the real culprit."
"D.I. Sleet and Mark Wright are given the task of cleaning up the streets of Successville. Chief Ramsay wants them to eradicate a new lethal drug, nicknamed \u2018Miranda\u2019."
"D.I. Sleet and Chris Kamara discover that D.I Sleet\u2019s close friend, Successville\u2019s most successful race horse, Alan Shearer has been murdered."
"D.I. Sleet's sidekick this week is singer and jungle star George Shelley."
"This week D.I. Sleet is joined by Spice Girl Emma Bunton."
"D.I. Sleet takes us through his colourful memoirs as he recovers in hospital"
Season 3 - Murder in Successville
"There has been another Murder in Successville. A priceless piece of art has been stolen from right under DI Sleet's nose, and Bjork is murdered in the process. Sleet and his new sidekick Richard Osman wade into art's black market underworld to catch their culprit. Find the art, and they'll find the killer. This time they investigate Arsene Wenger, an avant-garde art collector whose new gallery is opening at a suspiciously convenient time. Sleet and Osman go undercover as turtle-necked arty types to get some answers. Hilary Clinton is an art teacher and a forger who claims to have gone straight. Richard Osman goes undercover as a student to glean some answers. Zayn Malik is a cat burglar who is a little down and out after being thrown out of his gang. Sleet and Osman break into a creepy paint factory to give Zayn an old-fashioned roughing-up, though Zayn turns the tables when he reveals some shocking truths about Sleet's dad. After coming to terms with his daddy issues, Sleet takes Richard Osman down to Successville's sewers to infiltrate a black market art auction ran by Bill Nighy. Have you kept your eyes and ears open for clues? Could you take out the right person?"
"This week we're thrown back in time to Victorian Successville, where guest rookie Martin Kemp is tasked with solving the very first Murder in Successville. Local lady of the night Rita Ora has been found slayed in an alley, and DI Sleet and Kemp are tasked with retracing her last steps around the cobbled streets of Successville. They investigate Will-i-am, a science professor who has always got the better of Sleet. Martin Kemp's investigation is disrupted, however, when Will-i-am tricks Sleet into drinking truth serum. Paloma Faith is the landlady of the local brothel where victim Rita worked. Martin Kemp and Sleet go undercover as criminal brothers - the Neville brothers - but there is some confusion as to who is supposed to be the cooler brother. Jonathon Ross is an upper-class gentleman who had no idea that his girlfriend Rita was working at a brothel. Sleet and Kemp go undercover to a gentleman's club where they manage to get invited to dine with Jonathon Ross and his good friend Jamie Oliver. With all three suspects facing execution by the firing squad, Sleet and Martin Kemp have to pick who they think the real murderer is. Have you kept your eyes and ears open for clues? Could you take out the right person?"
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