Monster Ships

Know About this Show on 123Movies: The world's largest vessels operate when crossing dangerous global waters.

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Season 1 - Monster Ships
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"The Saipem 7000 is a gargantuan heavy-lift vessel equipped with two mega-cranes for world's toughest jobs, and now, she's faced with one of her hardest yet: upgrading a 30-year-old oil rig that sits in one of the most treacherous seas in the world."
"The Crown Princess is a titanic cruise ship that weighs over 100,000 tons, and in a race against the clock, its crew must use the latest tech and cutting-edge engineering to prepare for their next voyage."
"The world's biggest sailing ship is an engineering marvel that uses five masts and 42 giant sails to navigate the deadly waters of the Caribbean, and using cutting-edge tech, this innovative vessel can reach high speeds using wind alone."
"The Pacific Orca is a massive sea vessel that's essential to the world's energy grid, and using cutting-edge technology, this engineering marvel must battle the treacherous seas and thick fog that threaten to slow its critical work down."