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Lone Star Law

"Lone Star Law" features the men and women of the Texas Game Wardens who protect more than a quarter-million square miles of deserts, lakes, piney woods, bayous, plains and coast in the ...

Genre: Reality

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 8.2

Season 1 - Lone Star Law
"Texas Game Wardens protect the natural resources of this vast state while fighting crime. An alligator poacher brags online and Wardens go after him. Down on the border Wardens pull illegal nets from the river while looking for drug smugglers. A giant turtle is rescued during a deer poaching investigation."
"Texas Game Wardens go undercover to stop a black market for buying and selling wild animals. A trio of Wardens work the beaches of Galveston and mobilize when an oil spill threatens wildlife. A robotic deer decoy is used to catch night hunters. Teens on jet skis cause problems for the Wardens."
"A specialty team of Texas Game Wardens spends a week on a floating cabin to stop drug smuggling operations across the border. The K-9 unit is called in to investigate a woman who may be killing owls to sell exotic headdresses."
"Across Texas, boating and fishing patrols are interrupted by record storms and flooding. Near Austin, Search and Rescue teams save multiple people from dangerous swift water and tornadoes. Wardens chase a felon with an illegal gun in East Texas."
"The wardens investigate a Jet Ski accident that sends a man to the hospital. Then the wardens must track down a hunter shooting doves in a residential neighborhood. On Lake Lewisville, wardens deal with a partier who's had too much to drink."
"Wardens search for an alligator that bit a man and his 13-year old son. In West Texas, an abandoned car leads the Wardens to believe a teenage girl may be missing. A man is suspected of hunting on his neighbor's property without permission."
"A team of Wardens deploy on a multi-county night operation to stop spotlighters and road hunters. Texas Game Wardens check teal hunters on opening weekend. A dead deer found with an arrow still in it leads Game Wardens to a poacher."
"Dove season starts off with a bang, keeping Game Wardens across the state busy from sunrise to sun down. Texas Game Wardens must relocate a 500-lb gator that's loose in a suburban area. Wardens uncover a large marijuana grow hidden in a wildlife preserve. Source: Animal Planet"
"Game Wardens look for the elusive bighorn sheep in the mountains of West Texas."
Season 2 - Lone Star Law
"Texas Game Wardens patrol the inland waterways and the Gulf of Mexico. A nuisance alligator gets too close for comfort. Illegal fish lead to multiple citations. A suburban squirrel hunter gets caught trespassing. Wardens race to free an injured deer."
"Two new rookies from the 59th cadet class of Texas Game Wardens work their first cases. Game wardens rescue soft-shell turtles caught on illegal trot lines on Llano River. In East Texas, the search is on for a hunter lost in the Big Thicket Preserve."
"Texas Game Wardens are busy enforcing fish and game law. An injured bald eagle needs medical attention. Game Wardens go undercover to catch someone selling illegal alligator parts. A tip leads to an angler with multiple undersized fish."
"It's dove season in Texas, the start of hunting season. In Beaumont, road hunters get an early start on deer season during a decoy sting. Near Texarkana, a rogue gator is lassoed. On the Gulf Coast, undersized angling means citations."
"Game Wardens beef up patrols for the short pronghorn season. A deer needs to be captured and relocated from an industrial site, and an injured hawk is rushed to a rehabber. Near Port Aransas, Game Wardens check duck hunters on the bay."
"Down on the Mexican border, Game Wardens pull in an illegal gill net. A group caught trespassing is found with firearms and narcotics. In East Texas, Game Wardens question a man suspected of illegally hunting on private property."
"It\u2019s opening weekend of deer season and Game Wardens head out around the state to ensure everyone plays by the rules. In East Texas, an injured owl is rushed to the vet. On the Gulf, Game Wardens get tough when an oysterman\u2019s catch doesn\u2019t add up."
"Texas Game Wardens are deep into deer season, investigating a suspected poacher and a felon who shouldn't be using a firearm to hunt. An alligator and her hatchlings must be captured and relocated from an East Texas school."
"Wardens stop wildlife crimes with anonymous tips about anglers keeping over the limit and a specially trained k-9 unit to sniff out illegal items."
"Texas Game Wardens relocate a large herd of pronghorn to restore populations in West Texas, investigate the killing of a protected rattlesnake, and wrangle a loose bull. They also check hunting camps to ensure no one's taking too many deer."
Season 3 - Lone Star Law
Season 4 - Lone Star Law
"On Lake Sam Rayburn, a water patrol turns into a cry for help; the wardens serve a warrant to a man who illegally shot a hog; a drug arrest leads a game warden into a manhunt."
"It's snapper season on the Gulf and the game wardens catching fishermen who are breaking the law; two men are investigated for cruelty to a wild pig; a jet ski collision leads to arguments; an exotic tortoise finds a new home."
"It's summertime in Texas and the game wardens handle a speeding jet ski, drunk boaters, angry campers and a rowdy raccoon."
"A feisty gator in Galveston County needs a new home; shrimpers try to conceal their catch; a family's property is damaged by stray bullets; the wardens stage a boat crash."
"A festival attracts thousands of people to float the San Marcos River; a patrol on Lake Texoma leads to multiple arrests; a fisherman can't provide identification."
"A running deer must be caught before it hurts itself; the game wardens investigate an impersonation case in which a man claims to be one of their own; Richards comes across a suspicious group while he is patrolling Lake Tawakoni."
"A deer poacher is busted, a baby rattlesnake is rescued, a hummingbird evades capture, and a raccoon is released into the wild. The Game Wardens also respond to flooding conditions and a car accident."
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Season 5 - Lone Star Law
"Game Warden Eddins assists the local police with an animal cruelty case. Game Warden Richards responds to a trespassing dispute, and Game Warden Roraback relocates a snapping turtle. On the coast, Game Warden Bailey cracks down on fishermen."
"Teal season has just begun in El Paso County; an injured hog needs help; Galveston County fishermen are not playing by the rules; a suspicious driver is searched in Chambers County; turtle hatchlings are released on South Padre Island."
"Anglers are out all over Texas; in Houston County, a game warden returns after a life-threatening injury; along the coast, fishermen get caught with too many sharks; a protected turtle gets relocated, and anglers on the Gulf learn how to tag fish."
"A hunter is confronted for killing a deer with a gun during bowhunting season; a man is questioned for possessing venomous copperhead snakes; while checking bowhunters at night, a game warden helps find an injured hunter."
"It's the opening of deer and oyster season in Texas and Game Wardens find illegal undersized oysters; in East Texas, Game Wardens patrol deer camps; an owl is rescued from a chicken coop and set free."
"Deer season is well underway across Texas; in East Texas, Game Wardens find a bobcat a new home and investigate an illegally killed deer; on the coast, the Texas Game Wardens deal with an outstanding warrant."
"Warden Marshall leads the charge on a poaching investigation; Warden Richards visits an allegedly illegal snake breeder; Wardens Gould and Hickerson try to save an injured pelican; Warden Miller brings a caracara bird to rehab."
"Across Texas, Game Wardens enforce the law during prime deer season; bad weather conditions lead to a serious car wreck; a tipster reports an injured owl; an harassment issue between neighbors is addressed; illegal deer disposals are investigated."
"Game Warden Herchman saves an owl; Game Wardens Richards and McGee team up to work a case in an archery-only county; Game Wardens Benge and King investigate a poaching case."
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Season 6 - Lone Star Law
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