Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Know About this Show on 123Movies: A boy and his beloved imaginary friend are able to stay together at an orphanage of sorts for imaginary friends that children have outgrown to be adopted by new children.

Genre: Animation , Comedy , Family , Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Director: Lauren Faust

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2004

IMDb: 7.6

Season 1 - Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
"Bloo and Mac enjoy playing with each other in the mud while raining, but sometimes there can be consequences. As Mac and Bloo get sick, causing Bloo to turn white and Frankie to take Mac home, Bloo misses out on the scary movie the friends planned to watch that night. However, the movie scares the friends enough that they believe that the ghost is real, and they mistake Bloo to be the ghost. Will they be able to figure out it's him before they end up hurting Bloo or themselves in the process?"
Season 2 - Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
"A rich benefactor is considering giving money to a charity, and visits Foster's to see if it is worthy. Mr. Herriman gets Mac and Bloo to keep Coco out of the way but in the end it is only when the benefactor mistakes Coco as Mr. Herriman's wife that he considers Foster's, and invites them to his mansion where he will decide which charity gets the money. Mr. Herriman then tries to teach Coco to be sophisticated, while Mac and Frankie teach Bloo sarcasm, since he didn't understand that Mr. Herriman was being sarcastic when he promised them two jet cars. At the mansion it is a competiton to see who will win the money. Can Coco and Mr. Herriman win the money for Foster's? And what about Mac and Bloo who enter as 'Jet Cars for Tiny Tots'?"
Season 3 - Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
"When Mac taks his classmates on a field trip to Foster's, everybody loves Coco and Bloo wants all the attention after Coco lays eggs with imaginary friend trading cards. Soon, when Bloo throws eggs at everyone, they run away and now Coco hates Bloo. When all the friends start trading and collecting the cards, soon Bloo gets intrested and starts to collect them all. Will Bloo collect all of them without Coco's help?"
Season 4 - Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
"It's time for the Five Year Creator Reunion Picnic, where imaginary friends' creators come to Foster's to see their imaginary friends. However, once again, Wilt's creator doesn't show up. So he sets off on a cross-country journey to find his creator. But soon Mac and the gang find out that Wilt had gone missing and set out on a road trip to find him. But Bloo's ridiculous theories of to Wilt's disappearance leads to many twists and turns in the journey to find Wilt. Will Wilt ever find out why his creator doesn't show up? Will Mac and the gang find Wilt? Will the lot make it out in one piece?"
Season 5 - Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
"A plan to have Mr. Herriman mellow out backfires as conditions at the home deteriorate."
Season 6 - Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
"The series finale. When Herriman tells Bloo that Mac is moving, Bloo decides to give him the best day ever, though things do not go as he plans. All day, Mac does things with everyone but Bloo, making him angrier after every disappointment. However to everyone's surprise\/relief (and Mr. Herriman realizes he forgot to mention this), it turns out Mac is moving to an apartment (the one next door) that was held by Louise's family, and with Cheese unable to follow her because her new home doesn't allow imaginary friends, he moves into Foster's. This was Craig McCracken's final project before he quit his job at Cartoon Network."