Know About this Show on 123Movies: What happens after the world ends? Written and directed by award winning playwright Kit Williamson, "EastSiders" explores the aftermath of infidelity on a gay couple in Silverlake. When Cal...

Genre: Comedy , Drama

Director: Kit Williamson

Country: USA

Duration: 115 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2012

IMDb: 6.6

Season 1 - Eastsiders
"The morning after. Boyfriends Thom and Cal wake up and face the revelations of the previous night."
"The night before. Thom, Cal, Kathy, and Ian attend Quincy's end of the world party."
"Cal confronts the \"other woman,\" aka Jeremy, and Kathy discovers a major miscommunication with Ian."
"Thom receives a text from Jeremy and ignores it while Kathy and Ian talk about the state of their relationship."
"Jeremy smokes pot with his sister Bri. Cal and Kathy commiserate over their secrets."
"Quincy drops Kathy off at the clinic and takes Ian along to a gay bar with David, much to David's surprise..."
"It's the end of the month and the apartment is in boxes. Cal and Thom are moving out and Thom has begun seeing Jeremy. Jeremy asks Thom to move in with him. His answer is a little surprising."
"It is one year ago and Cal and Thom are spending their first morning in their apartment. Kathy comes over with a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Thom promises Cal that he won't cheat on him again- showing that this pattern goes way back."
"It's Moving day. Kathy and Ian patch things up and then Kathy helps Cal pull his life together to say goodbye to Thom with dignity. Thom wakes up in Jeremy's apartment and makes a surprising discovery. Thom and Cal finish packing."
Season 2 - Eastsiders
"The morning after. Thom and Cal wake up at Thom\u2019s place with Trevor in their bed. Cal heads home to find his estranged sister Hillary sleeping on the front steps, and Thom heads to work to find Ian still drunk from the night before. Jeremy kicks nice guy Derrick out of his bed before his sister Bri comes home to find him ditching his babysitting duties. Cal and Thom try to figure out what they want from each other, while Thom's handsome coworker Jarred makes it clear that he wants Thom."
"The night before. Cal and Thom take Trevor to Douglas and Quincy\u2019s Bastille Day party. It\u2019s Kathy\u2019s last night in town, and she and Ian go to meet the guys there to say goodbye before everything implodes."
"After Cal's handsome boss Paul makes a pass at him, Quincy and Douglas grill Cal and Thom about the terms of their relationship. Bri and V make plans for their wedding, while Vera begins seeing Ian. Hillary goes looking for a job and begins seeing Ian too. Cal and Thom proceed to sleep their way through all of Silver Lake."
"Tom and Cal make an emergency trip to the free clinic. Hillary takes Ian to look at apartments, driving him into Vera's arms. Jeremy and Derik babysit the kids during Bri and V\u2019s lesbian bridal shower, and Bri becomes suspicious that Vera is seeing someone else."
"Val comes to town for Cal\u2019s gallery show. Paul\u2019s wife Carmella holds his career in her hand. Douglas confronts Quincy about downplaying their relationship to their coworkers."
"Season Two Finale. Bri and Jeremy stalk Vera. After spending the day with Quincy and Hillary, Thom and Cal run into Jeremy. Cal considers a move to New York."
Season 3 - Eastsiders
"Douglas and Quincy struggle with their complicated relationship -- and a broken down convertible -- on their way to a drag gig."
"While on a road trip to move from New York City to Silver Lake, Thom and Cal cross paths with a handsome stranger at a gas station."
"After a night of passion and suspense in their camper, Cal and Thom wake to find their circumstances have changed."
"Ian, sensing that Hillary needs some alone time, starts taking walks around the neighborhood, where he runs into someone from his past."
"Still barreling westward on their road trip, Thom and Cal face some difficult questions about past mistakes and their undetermined future."
"With that their trip is nearing its end, Thom and Cal make a stop in Portland, where they cross paths with a couple in the hotel bar."