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Dateline on ID


Genre: Crime

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.6

Season 7 - Dateline on ID
"A woman has a dangerous affair with her boss."
"A marital argument resulting in a death is investigated"
"A California town comes together to search for a mother who vanished after a night out with her new boyfriend."
"Authorities suspect a cover-up when a South Carolina husband and father claims his wife was killed by a friend."
"A cold case involving a murdered couple in Phoenix is reopened due to new testimony."
"The case of an armored-car robber is detailed."
"The death of Arkansas beauty queen Nona Dirksmeyer is investigated."
"The case of two brothers who were put behind bars for more than 20 years is affected by social media."
"The death of a wife found in the burned ruins of a country house in a picturesque town along the Delaware River is investigated."
"Questions surround a young father when his wife perishes in a house fire and a second tragedy takes his son's life."
"The 2004 murder of an entrepreneur in Nantucket, Mass., is detailed."
"Exploring the case of Utah doctor Martin MacNeill, who was accused of drugging and drowning his wife in their bathtub in April 2007."
"A masked man kills a young mother and leaves her 5-year-old son for dead."
"Actress Aasha Davis faces a real-life drama when her sister and brother-in-law go missing."
"The 2012 shooting death of a school superintendent in western New York is investigated."
"A Halloween turns tragic when a fianc\u00e9e is killed at a bar. The investigation proves difficult when it's discovered all suspects were in costume."
"Examining developments in the case of Barry Beach, a Montana man who served 29 years in jail for a crime he says he did not commit."
"No description"
Season 8 - Dateline on ID
"A woman disappears on her son's fifth birthday, but her body isn't found until years later."
"Two teenagers are killed on Thanksgiving night, but the suspect's story doesn't add up."
"A man finds his wife murdered, and her friend raises suspicion when she searches for the truth."
"A college student is murdered in her dorm and it takes decades to solve the case."
"A circle of friends from a high school in Miami are about to embark on a new beginning, all heading off to college for the first time. But when one is left behind, he surprises them all with a last minute decision."
"A CIA agent vanishes, and the case remains unsolved for years, until her son remembers details of the killer."
"Two Buddhist followers are left to fend for themselves in the Arizona desert."
"Things turn sour after a woman moves her twin daughters to a seemingly safe community."
"A pipe bomb left under a car nearly kills a woman."
"A man is wrongfully imprisoned for 18 years."
"A woman learns the truth about the man she married."
"A woman is killed four days after her wedding and her husband's ex-girlfriend comes forward."
"A speed skater's secret audio diary reveals clues to his disappearance."
"A comic store owner is murdered on Friday the 13th."
"A family many saw as 'perfect' in an All-American town experiences a tragedy that shakes their faith and family."
"The investigation into the murder of former world-class speed skater Stephen Moore is recounted."
"The 1994 death of Linda Curry from nicotine poisoning is investigated. Her husband, Paul, a former \"Jeopardy!\" champion, is the chief suspect in the case."
"The 2010 murder of former York, S.C., mayor Melvin Roberts is investigated."
"The 2012 murder of a mother of two at a Kentucky laboratory supply warehouse is examined."
"The 1997 disappearance of Prince George, B.C., married mother-of-two Wendy Ratte is examined. Among the early theories: she was targeted by a serial killer. A sting operation in 2008, however, shed new light on what really happened."
"The investigation into the 2010 disappearance of a young mother in the Pacific Northwest is recounted."
"The murders of two mothers and their daughters in a Maryland suburb are investigated, and a master thief could be the key to cracking the case."
Season 10 - Dateline on ID
"Intelligent, hard-working beauty Kathryn Laird lives life to the fullest, then her body is found in a river, and investigators must determine whether she took her own life or was the victim of foul play."
"Fun and pretty college student Corey Parker is working as a waitress in Jacksonville Beach, Fla., and she has plenty of admirers, then she is found stabbed to death in her apartment."
"A fence triggers a deadly fight between neighbors, one of whom claims he shot and killed the other in self-defense; investigators study the victim's body to discern the truth."
"In Aspen, Colo., socialite Nancy Pfister has a long list of friends, then she is found beaten to death in a closet of her Rocky Mountain home."
"In Aspen, Colo., socialite Nancy Pfister has a long list of friends, then she is found beaten to death in a closet of her Rocky Mountain home."
"Businessman John Mimbela becomes convinced that Daniel Villegas' murder confession was forced and sets out to prove it."
"After young father Matthew Podolak dies from antifreeze poisoning, the manner of his death remains undetermined until his brother embarks on a quest for the truth."
"Matthew Podolak dies from antifreeze poisoning, and his death remains a mystery until his brother embarks on a quest for the truth."
"Free spirit Brittany Tavar vanishes into thin air, and there is more than one suspect in her mysterious disappearance, including a handsome boarder and a friend turned enemy."
"A few weeks before Christmas, Jason Payne makes a frantic 911 call to report the shooting deaths of his wife and stepson."
"College student Heidi Allen vanishes from the convenience store where she works; Gary Thibodeau is convicted of Heidi's murder, but now another man has allegedly confessed to friends that he killed the young woman, blowing the case wide open."
"A couple seems made for each other, but a secret is uncovered, and their passion turns into violence, then an elaborate plot is hatched to get revenge."
"After model Paula Sladewski is found murdered, police study a few seconds of grainy video recorded during the last hours of her life to try to identify her killer."
"When long-haul truck driver Lloyd Ford disappears, it doesn't raise many red flags, but two people know where he is and guard the secret for 27 years."
"A Chicago Bears football player's relationship with a woman who is expecting their first child ends in tragedy."
"Landing a dream assignment, real estate agent Lindsay Buziak agrees to show a million-dollar home to a mystery couple, then she is stabbed to death at the opulent estate."
"After a woman disappears on a bone-chilling night, her husband provides a strange alibi, claiming he was camping at the time with their two young sons."
"Abducted in Ecuador, a young woman hatches a plan to escape using something hidden at the bottom of her bag."
"A high-society hustler spins lies and practices deceit for decades, leading to an investigation during which cold case detectives retrace the steps of this charming con man to see if he was guilty of murder."
"A case makes headlines when the defendant argues he was too obese to have committed murder."