Christina Milian Turned Up

Know About this Show on 123Movies: A brand new E. documentary series, about Christina Milian, that will follow the Grammy-nominated singer and actress's career, love life and personal relationships.

Genre: Reality

Country: USA

Duration: 44 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 5.9

Season 1 - Christina Milian Turned Up
"Danielle reaches a turning point in her marriage after Carmen's birthday party is ruined by Richard who, for his part, tries to clear the air and gain forgiveness. Meanwhile, personal chef Lizzy is eager to persuade Christina to invest in her idea for a food truck."
"Christina is determined to make her butt bigger and looks at all options."
"Carmen has a bad feeling about Christina performing \"The Star-Spangled Banner\" at a Los Angeles Dodgers game, and it turns out for good reason when the singer loses her voice right before the gig. Elsewhere, Lizzy searches for a nice Jewish guy to love."
"Christina puts together a family camping trip, but her plan backfires when tensions rise before the group even leaves home; at the campsite, drinks flow and tempers spark as long seeded resentments rise to the surface in an explosive family fight."
"An epic family feud forces Christina to cut the camping trip she planned short. Once back in L.A., she continues to focus on her career. Meanwhile, Danielle's husband Richard tries to get their marriage back on track by surprising her with a grand gesture."
Season 2 - Christina Milian Turned Up
"In the Season 2 premiere, Christina kicks her career into high gear with a music video for her new single, but Carmen is feeling excluded. Meanwhile, Lizzy has found a new calling and a new man."
"Christina hears news that puts her relationship with Wayne in jeopardy; Lizzy's plans for Dom's birthday end in disaster."
"Christina mentors a young girl band, but it turns out they might not be ready for the big time. Meanwhile, Richard pursues his dream of becoming a professional stuntman."
"Christina attempts to repair the damage between Ceraadi and Silent Killers. Meanwhile, Lizzy feels betrayed by Danielle after she tells Dom about Lizzy's history of being a \"heartbreak kid\"."
"Christina invites Ceraadi to perform with her at The Rose Bowl; Lizzy is out for blood when Richard accuses both Dom and Lizzy of sleeping with other people."
"As part of launching her new safety app, Christina opens up first time about her own history as a victim of domestic abuse; Dom tries to make peace with Richard, but the gesture backfires; Lizzy encroaches "
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