Know About this Show on 123Movies: Alcoholic and divorced father of a young daughter, DS Jim Bergerac is a true maverick who prefers doing things his own way, and consequently doesn't always carry out his investigations the way his boss would like.

Duration: 90 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1981

IMDb: 6.8

Season 1 - Bergerac
18 Oct 1981
"Recovering alcoholic Jim Bergerac, a sergeant in the Jersey police force, returns to the island after a period of absence during which he has recovered from injuries sustained on the job. ..."
25 Oct 1981
"Now renting a cottage from Francine, Jim is called in when charity director Sir Edward Lister dies in a Jersey hotel and the pathologist claims the body was moved onto the bed after death. ..."
01 Nov 1981
"Jim shadows drug courier Raymond Dumoitier from Paris to Jersey but on arrest he is clean, having lost the drugs - to the annoyance of his boss, ex-racing driver Bobby Carnegie, who beats ..."
08 Nov 1981
"Hard-up former military man Furneaux is working on a book about his experiences as a prisoner in the Korean war, when his young ghost writer is killed and the manuscript stolen, after which..."
15 Nov 1981
"Civil servant Margaret Semple, in fact a Soviet spy, gets a call telling her that MI6 are onto her and she must leave London for Jersey, where a boat will take her to France on her way to ..."
22 Nov 1981
"On the eve of Sarah and Laurence Mitchell's daughter Felicity's wedding the church is broken into and a register stolen by the driver of a white Mercedes. He is in fact the man whom Sarah, ..."
29 Nov 1981
"Several wealthy residents including Charlie are the victims of some extremely well-informed burglars. All are members of the golf club and the burglars' informant is Eddie St. Pierre, a ..."
06 Dec 1981
"Diver Terry Castleford is murdered after finding the skeleton of Luftwaffe pilot Karl Scheringer in his aircraft, which crashed into the sea in World War Two. Karl's parents arrive to ..."
13 Dec 1981
"When wealthy recluse Henry Bernard is taken ill with food poisoning, his estranged son Philip flies in from London, voicing concern that Lisa, the faithful housekeeper, tried to kill him, ..."
20 Dec 1981
"When Annie Escale, fianc\u00e9e of notorious French gangster Jacques Tabouis, turns up on Jersey, Jim determines to follow her in the hopes that she will lead him to Tabouis, but the man whom ..."
Season 2 - Bergerac
09 Jan 1983
"Mrs. Honeyman and her son Eric, disgruntled ex-employees of Charlie, are caught stealing a necklace from his safe by Jim's young daughter Kim, whom they take with them onto their boat, ..."
16 Jan 1983
"Comedian Andy Galbraith and Charlie are on the judging panel of a local beauty contest, after which beaten finalist Christine Bolton accuses Andy of attempted rape. Everything points to the..."
23 Jan 1983
"Charlie's attempt to enter local politics is blighted when Donald Early, an old flame of hotelier Diamante Lil who Charlie crossed some years previously, threatens to expose a secret from ..."
30 Jan 1983
"Jim is sent to France to help solve the murder of an unidentified Jersey resident. He turns out to have been Jack Moberley, a private eye, who was trailing eccentric lawyer Lionel Carteret ..."
06 Feb 1983
"Whilst staying at Diamante Lil's hotel with his wife Eva, inveterate liar Vincent Parkin is mugged by a young crook called Mitch but refuses to finger him at the identity parade. Mitch is ..."
13 Feb 1983
"Portuguese stuntman Antonio is killed in an apparent hang-gliding accident though the pathologist claims he was strangled. A dental appointment card is found by the body and, though dentist..."
20 Feb 1983
"Guileless young Indian faith healer Ravi Chavan, a money-spinner for the New Dawn Foundation, run by greedy Barry Hardaker, comes to Jersey to ask the foundation's accountant Ivor Wyatt to ..."
27 Feb 1983
"Inspector West arrives in Jersey in pursuit of escaped prisoner Keith Prescott, who, a decade earlier, hacked into police computers and stole two million pounds. The presence of Keith's ..."
06 Mar 1983
"The morning after Simone, a Belgian stable girl, is found dead on a beach, Marianne identifies her as an escort girl whom she saw at a bankers' convention. Bryony Green, the stable owner, ..."
Season 3 - Bergerac
03 Dec 1983
"During a court case in which he is trying to prove that Jerry LeFevre burnt down the Bishops Rock hotel for the insurance, Jim is approached by glamorous Irene Maybank, who says her husband..."
10 Dec 1983
"Drug addict Terri Fuller arrives on Jersey with policewoman Liz Phillips under the witness protection scheme, as she is to testify against her gangster boyfriend Webster. Only Jim and Liz ..."
17 Dec 1983
"Whilst Jersey couple Tony and Janet Morel are staying at a French camp-site Janet is murdered, requiring Jim to liaise with the French police. A local found with some of Janet's possessions..."
24 Dec 1983
"Philippa Vale is a lady with a reputation as a jewel thief so that, when she comes to Jersey on the eve of George Thomas's private auction of a diamond worth a quarter of a million pounds, ..."
31 Dec 1983
"Boxer Eddie McCord comes to Jersey to challenge arrogant Frenchman Jacques Laronde for the middleweight title. Eddie and his wife Donna are black and are subject to racial abuse by local ..."
07 Jan 1984
"Charlie invites Arab businessman Zaki Mansoor to invest in his all-weather leisure complex, not knowing that Zaki's government are aware of his illegal transactions and have asked his ..."
"No description"
21 Jan 1984
"Two London burglars, Cook and Langdon, are targeting the homes of Jersey residents, their accomplice being thrill-seeking Angela Marshall, sister-in-law of one of the victims, who tips them..."
28 Jan 1984
"Ex-convict Jack Broughton snatches his little boy from ex-wife Pam and brings him to Jersey, where he collects his share of the loot from Julian West, who master-minded the bank job for ..."
04 Feb 1984
"Financier Sir Gervase Ewell invites a clutch of international bankers to a conference at his house but, due to the connivance of his idealistic daughter Fleur, three terrorists break in to ..."
Season 4 - Bergerac
"No description"
18 Oct 1985
"Jim's date with new girlfriend, estate agent Susan Young, is interrupted when he is called in to investigate the death of young scuba driver Jacques Laval, whom the pathologist believes was..."
"No description"
"No description"
08 Nov 1985
"Philippa Vale returns to the island to recover the stolen diamonds she hid underwater on her last visit, unaware that Jim had anticipated their hiding place and recovered them. Her presence..."
15 Nov 1985
"A trio of young punks are snatching handbags around the island, their victims including fashion designers Simone and Paul Demoins, whose latest sketches are stolen. Louis, the least ..."
"No description"
13 Dec 1985
"Piggish German actor Henry Hoffman antagonizes everybody on set whilst making a film about Jersey's occupation by the Nazis, a fact which adds to local hostility and to the list of suspects..."
20 Dec 1985
"Jim feels exploited when MP Geoffrey Newton asks him to catch would-be assassin Mick Davies, who is threatening to disrupt the government's trade deal with Ahmed, a former terrorist who ..."
26 Dec 1986
"Jim investigates when Charlie expresses concern at the influence supposed medium Raoul Barnaby has over elderly Mrs. Jardine with his story that he was contacted by the spirit of a little ..."
Season 5 - Bergerac
03 Jan 1987
"After a man is found wandering Jersey nude and suffering from memory loss, Susan's eccentric aunt, yachtswoman Belle is asked to make a no questions asked trip to France but refuses. Jim ..."
10 Jan 1987
"Grumpy software designer Jarvis McLeod receives death threats through his computer and his wife Monica's dog is poisoned. Then the speaker deputising for him at a conference is blown up. ..."
"No description"
24 Jan 1987
"Susan is selling Carol Miles's late grandmother's bungalow but she cannot understand why shady builder Tim McVie, camp mainlander Toby Newsom and surly young Kirk Barnett are all so eager ..."
31 Jan 1987
"Three well-meaning animal rights activists, including Kim's boyfriend Kevin, liberate three monkeys from Gaines' research unit, unaware that one has the deadly Marburg virus. It bites Kevin..."
07 Feb 1987
"Philippa Vale approaches Jim after being threatened by a thug who claims she has a notebook listing the members of S.P.A.R.T.A, an ultra-right wing organization though Philippa denies all ..."
14 Feb 1987
"Shortly after womanizing financier Peter Hughes has disappeared, along with seventy thousand pounds from his firm, French Inspector Dupont asks Jim to identify a body in France, that of ..."
21 Feb 1987
"Alec Price dies after drinking poisoned wine whilst being received into the local Masonic Lodge. At his wake another mason dies, seemingly a random victim, having eaten a poisoned cake. Jim..."
26 Dec 1987
"Tony Bragg, suspected fence in a huge diamond heist is pushed to his death from his London flat. Bragg had visited Jersey some while earlier and Scotland Yard ask for Jim's help. Then ..."
Season 6 - Bergerac
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
Season 7 - Bergerac
"No description"
04 Feb 1989
"Charlie calls Jim in after he receives sinister phone calls and a newspaper cutting implying he was responsible for an old woman's death. Jim suspects arsonist Jacky Cook, a girl in care, ..."
11 Feb 1989
"Lady Trowbridge's diamonds are stolen following a visit from Rita Smith, her rival in the upcoming tango contest. Jim suspects her Ladyship's dance teacher Pepe Mendoza, especially when he ..."
18 Feb 1989
"After playwright Graham Hawkesworth has been found murdered, his widow Bonnie tells Jim she is certain he had a mistress, but no-one can identify the other woman. Jim learns that Bonnie was..."
25 Feb 1989
"Jim's weekend plans are spoilt when he is asked to look after a valuable hostage negotiator Anton Charet, though he is soon aware that his charge is a police decoy as the real Charet has ..."
04 Mar 1989
"Sylvia Gildred is attacked and robbed but is unable to identify her attacker, the two suspects being scrap dealer Tom St. Clements and Toby Lemaire, student son of Charlie's wealthy lawyer ..."
11 Mar 1989
"Former Olympic medallist Peter Jason is threatened, to prevent him exposing the use of steroids in sport and arrives in Jersey to hide out with his old flame Philippa Vale. Heavies follow ..."
18 Mar 1989
"Retired Chief Superintendant Trenchard arrives in Jersey, supposedly for the fishing. However he makes it his business to harass local philanthropist Olly Sutton, whom he is convinced was ..."
23 Dec 1989
"David Mason murders Ted Grob by throwing him into a swimming pool, handcuffed to a patio recliner. Jim returns to duty to solve the murder and is asked by an ex-con who believes he was ..."
Season 8 - Bergerac
14 Jan 1990
"Jim returns early from his voyage and stays with Charlie, who is getting ready to go to a trade convention. Susan is also due to attend but never gets there, her body being found next ..."
21 Jan 1990
"Shlomo Denkovitz, an incompetent fraudster, claims to be Jim whilst working as a private eye for his uncle, in pursuit of Giles Grey, a charmer who rooks wealthy widows. Chased by two ..."
"No description"
04 Feb 1990
"Seemingly respectable widower Nigel Carter is threatened by two armed bogus policemen but his evasive response leads Jim to believe he is holding something back. Years earlier his daughter ..."
11 Feb 1990
"Michel Carbonnier, a French private detective, is found murdered in Charlie's house, leading Jim to the dead man's native village St. Armand in Provence. Here he learns that Carbonnier had ..."
"No description"
25 Feb 1990
"Disaffected lab assistants Julie and Richard steal nerve gas from a research facility in Wiltshire and bring it to terminally ill Dr. Whittaker on Jersey. He threatens to release it unless ..."
"No description"
"No description"
18 Mar 1990
"With less than a month's service before he quits the bureau, Jim is recalled from his French holiday to help protect Per Wemstrom, a political economist whose enemies wish to stop him from ..."
26 Dec 1990
"Jim is now at the vineyard and it is grape-picking time. One of the young casual workers is English boy Roderick. However, he is also a computer hacking genius who is able to transfer 90% ..."
Season 9 - Bergerac
05 Jan 1991
"Jim has quit the force to live and work with Danielle at the vineyard. They attend a fashion show in Aix staged by her cousin Alain, after which one of Alain's best customers, Etienne, is ..."
12 Jan 1991
"When Jim returns to Jersey to give evidence in court, Charlie asks him to find Anne-Claire Leighton, French wife of a business associate, who has gone missing and whose signature is ..."
19 Jan 1991
"Jim is conned by Charlie into house-sitting in Provence for the Calders whilst they are in Milan, a task which involves looking after the boisterous Clarissa and her sister and their rowdy ..."
26 Jan 1991
"Now working as a private investigator, Jim is approached by petty thief Eddie Lyle who explains that he was hired by property developer Jacques LeRozier to burgle Harriet Mallin in the ..."
02 Feb 1991
"Charlie is suspicious when American businessman Karl Goldman asks him to invest seven million pounds in a deal that needs a swift closure. Then Goldman's daughter Giselle arrives and asks ..."
09 Feb 1991
"Jim drives Charlie to the eightieth birthday party of his friend Constance Battiston. Family tensions and money problems are barely concealed, as is Constance's grand-daughter Camilla's ..."
16 Feb 1991
"Solicitor Lesgate from the Economic Advisors' Office asks Jim to investigate a company's application for a Jersey trading licence but there is no evidence that the firm existed. Danielle ..."
23 Feb 1991
"Jim travels to England in pursuit of Norman Atherton's wife Laura, who has joined a group run by her old flame George Bolingham. He believes in self-discovery by studying the lost city of ..."
02 Mar 1991
"Jim is invited to a castle in Brittany by a man named Hapgood, who has survived an attempt to kill him. Jim discovers that Hapgood was formerly a professional assassin, who has now turned ..."
09 Mar 1991
"Rosa Zeenak asks Jim to guard the Lohans, a set of porcelain figures she is putting up for sale, though there is a suspicion that they were stolen from the valuable Wiess collection in ..."