Being Human

Know About this Show on 123Movies: Three twenty-somethings share a house and try to live a normal life despite being a ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire.

Duration: 44 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2011

IMDb: 7.5

Season 1 - Being Human
"Josh is miserable after his latest full moon transformation resulted in him waking up next to a bloody dead deer in the woods. Aidan suggests that he and Josh should live together so they can watch out for each other. When they've found the perfect apartment, they realise the place comes with its own ghost, Sally"
"Sally begs the guys to call Danny over so she can try to make him see her presence somehow. Aidan, while trying to fight off Cara's unwanted admiration, receives some shocking news about someone who he thought was dead. Josh discovers Aidan's involvement in the Rebecca incident and confronts him about it; at the same time, Josh is also struggling with whether to tell his sister the truth about himself."
"Sally meets a ghostly new friend who teaches her how to cross physical boundaries like the apartment. Josh gets roped into the Neighborhood Watch against his wishes. Aidan is recognised by the son of one of his past victims, who is determined to confront Aidan about his father's murder."
"Josh meets a werewolf who teaches him how to accept the change and is more than meets the eye. Aidan begins a dangerous relationship with an acquaintance. Sally learns that she needs to stop interfering in the lives of those she left behind."
"Aidan has his hands full with a problem created at Bishop\u2019s request. Sally remembers the details that led to her death. Josh learns the truth about the night that led to his change."
"Aidan receives a \u201cvideo postcard\u201d from an old friend. Sally takes Aidan up on his offer to \u201ctake care of her problem.\u201d Josh\u2019s sister moves in with them which causes problems for the roommates. Josh goes on a date with a nurse from the hospital."
"Josh has an odd and interesting homecoming. Sally attempts to protect Bridget from Danny but fails. Aidan deals with the aftermath of Marcus' attack."
"Sally gets bombarded by ghosts at the hospital; Josh is hesitant about his date with Nora."
"Bernie is seriously injured in a car accident leaving Aidan to make a tough decision. Josh wants to slow down his relationship with Nora. Sally meets an old crush, who is also a ghost."
"Josh is forced into \"dog\" fighting. Aidan is forced to play the good \"son,\" while the elders are in town, and Sally has to act as a mediator between the two."
"Rebecca walks out on Aidan; Josh has romantic troubles; Marcus is worried that Bishop suspects he is a traitor and Sally faces off with an exorcist."
"After his break from the Family, Aidan is afraid that Bishop will try to hurt him and his friends. At the hospital, he encounters a former lover, who has come to the hospital to die. Josh runs into Nora, and is afraid about possible complications in her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Sally finally finds a way to hurt Danny."
"Nora finds out the truth about Josh; Sally misses her \"door\", but gains new powers; Aidan has a final showdown with Bishop, with surprising results. We also see how Aidan and Josh first met."
Season 2 - Being Human
"Aidan deals with vampires; Josh prepares to reenter medical school; Sally's powers strengthen."
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"Josh and Nora prepare for another \"change\"; Sally looks into reincarnation; Aidan dates a human."
"Aidan tries not to go back to his old lifestyle; Josh meets a brother and sister werewolf; Sally connects with an old friend."
"Aidan's relationship is taken to a new level; Josh's search for a werewolf cure continues."
"Aidan is hounded by his past; Sally finds out her mother is dying."
"Sally finds out who has been haunting her; Josh tries to reunite with Nora."
"Josh and Julia face their past; Sally is offered a job; Aidan and Suren get rid of Boston's fringe vampires."
"Aidan tries to save Henry's life; Sally learns more about the reaper; old friends visit Josh."
"Sally becomes locked in a dream world; Aidan, Josh and Zoe fight for their life."
"Aidan and Suren look forward to their future together, Josh chooses between Julia and Nora; Sally tries to fix one of the lives that she ruined."
"Sally tries to convince Zoe not to turn her back on her gift; Josh is not sure if he should tell Julia the truth about himself; Aidan tries to make a life with Suren."
"Sally's mother returns; Aidan wants to kill Mother; Josh intends to kill Ray."
Season 3 - Being Human
"Aidan resurfaces to find the vampire community has changed greatly; Sally struggles to free herself from limbo; Josh and Nora stand up to Ray."
"Sally flirts with an old acquaintance; Aidan searches for blood; Josh considers taking his relationship with Nora further."
"Nora and Josh meet a teenage runaway; Sally tries to make things right with Troy; Aidan and Henry search for clean blood."
"Sally reaches out to Aidan; Josh helps Aidan locate untainted blood."
"Liam tries to pit Josh and Nora against Aidan; Sally gets closer with Max; Kenny suspects that Aidan may be a vampire."
"Sally tries to make things right after she encounters someone from her past; Kenny spurs Aidan's memories."
"Josh reconnects with Emily; Aidan's blood supply is jeopardized; Sally gets in touch with a friend from her past."
"Liam returns with an agenda for Aidan; Sally tries to figure out what's wrong with her body; Nick hides a secret."
"Aidan remembers his wife; Sally struggles with a hunger that she hasn't felt before; Josh and Nora meet an older wolf."
"Stevie asks Sally to kill him; and Aidan takes Kat out on a date, during which he's overwhelmed by memories of his wife and son."
"Josh and Nora search for Donna; Aidan breaks Kenny out of the hospital."
"Josh, Aidan, and Sally battle Donna. Kenny wakes up -- but things don't go as expected."
"Josh and Nora face Liam; Sally deals with the outcome of her showdown with Donna; Aidan must deal with Kenny."
Season 4 - Being Human
"Josh is trapped inside his wolf as Nora and Aidan struggle to contain him; Sally finds herself imprisoned in a mysterious place with Donna."
"Aidan and Kat take their relationship to the next level; Aidan encounters someone from his past; Sally uses her newly acquired powers to help Nora try to free Josh."
"Aidan learns there's a new vampire boss in town; Josh's new life proves problematic; Sally's newly acquired powers send her to a strange place."
"Aidan and Kat's relationship continues to grow; Josh and Nora meet a couple; Sally tries to solve the mystery of the girl she calls \"Lil' Smokie\"."
"Aidan tries to forget a recent loss; Josh and Nora throw a baby shower; Sally learns about her new abilities and what they mean in regards to her future."
"Josh wakes up to a surprising discovery; Aidan reconnects with Suzanna and remembers the life he once had; someone from Sally's past resurfaces."
"Sally goes to Donna for help; Aidan and Suzanna come face to face with the truth about their past; Josh and Nora seek help from an old friend."
"Sally learns that by changing the past to match the present, she has changed her and the roommates' futures."
"Sally realizes that the only way to make things right is to transport to the present and seeking the help of an old foe."
"Josh struggles to get Nora back; Aidan and Sally's friendship turns into something more, even though his relationship with Suzanna has taken a new turn."
"Aidan helps Kenny get out of town; Sally and Nora help Josh conquer his wolf."
"The roommates discover they are not the only ones having a hard time leaving the house."
"Sally makes a major sacrifice to keep her vision from coming true; Aidan fights to destroy the evil spirit; Josh and Nora think carefully about their future."
Season 5 - Being Human
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