Queer as Folk - Season 2 Episode 7

Know About this Episode on 123Movies: The lives and loves of a group of gay friends living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Genre: Drama

Actor: Michelle Clunie , Jack Wetherall

Director: Ron Cowen , Daniel Lipman

Country: Canada , USA

Episode: 7/84 eps

Duration: 47 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2000

IMDb: 8.3

Season 1 - Queer as Folk
"After a night out at the club Babylon with Michael, Emmett and Ted; Brian picks up a cute guy named Justin for a night of fun, but afterwards coldly rebuffs Justin's attempts to see him again. Michael also gets lucky taking home a hunk only to be happily interrupted for a trip to the hospital after Brian learns that Lindsay and Melanie have had a baby boy, Gus."
"Michael stays in the closet at work, which causes some problems with an interested co-worker while at the same time he struggles with feelings of jealousy over Brian's relationship with Justin."
"Lindsay and Melanie have a bris for their new baby Gus, which Brian decides to miss until Michael convinces him otherwise. Brian decides to crash the party and put his parental foot down. Justin seeking to regain the attention of Brian decides to make himself noticed at Babylon. Meanwhile, Brian's involvement as the father of Gus causes some relationship strain between Lindsay and Melanie. Michael attempting to continue his straight act, runs into a co-worker in front of the gay bars. Also, Ted finally gets lucky with a guy who he's been denying the advances of all night, but ends up with devastating results."
"While Ted lies in a drug-induced coma, Brian learns he's named the executor of his friend's living will; Justin decides to take chance on a situation where he could seduce (in terms jerk) a fellow classmate; Justin's mother suspects the truth about her son's sexuality after finding some drawings of naked men in his sketch book; Michael and Emmett try to remove incriminating evidence (porn, 33 dildos... don't ask) from Ted's apartment but discover Ted's longtime crush on Michael."
"Michael fends off the romantic interest of a female coworker who doesn't know he's gay and instead dates a handsome chiropractor, while Brian is propositioned by a potentially lucrative client of his firm. Meanwhile, Justin struggles to repair his fractured relationship with his mother Jennifer."
"Michael's new chiropractor boyfriend gets into a tug of war with Brian over Michael, as Ted recovers from his O.D. by dating Roger, a stable but overweight chorus director. Also, Justin meets Lindsay, who is impressed with his artwork."
"Debbie meets Dr. David; Michael and Dr. David spend a weekend in the country; Justin's father learns the truth and decides to send Justin away to school; Brian's emotional hold on Michael and dislike for Dr. David intensifies."
"Justin's father attacks Brian outside Babylon; Michael gets a promotion at work; Justin movies in with Brian."
"A disastrous dinner party convinces Michael he and David have nothing in common. He tries to break up with David, who surprises Michael by asking him to move in with him. A trip to the emergency room reminds Melanie that she has no legal rights where Gus is concerned. Brian agrees to her and Lindsay's request that he relinquish his parental rights to Gus, much to Justin's dismay. After spending an unpleasant evening with his own alcoholic and abusive father, Brian changes his mind at the last minute. Emmett becomes addicted to cyber-sex."
"Brian throws Justin out after the loft is burglarized because Justin forgot to set the alarm. David pressures Michael to move in with him. Justin steals Brian's credit card and runs away to New York City, but Brian and the guys follow him and retrieve him with no difficulty beyond a flat tire en route. Debbie is upset that Michael is still contemplating David's offer, while Emmett knows Michael is concerned that Brian won't approve. Debbie lets Justin move into Michael's old room. After consulting Ted about her financial situation, Melanie offers Lindsay the chance to take a year off from work to be a stay-at-home mom for Gus, but the two are still beginning to drift apart. David breaks up with Michael when he tells him he's not ready to move in."
"Debbie is upset that Michael has ended things with David and takes her fury out on Brian, demanding that he give Michael a chance to grow up and have his own life. Brian throws Michael an elaborate surprise 30th birthday party, and then outs him to an unsuspecting Stacy. Michael is hurt and bewildered by Brian's actions, while everyone else is generally disgusted. Ted gets tested when he discovers that one of his encounters is HIV positive. He's negative, but Emmett (who got tested for moral support) is unable to get his results until Monday. Emmett spends the weekend convinced he's positive and makes a pact with God that he'll give up sex with men if the test results are negative. Debbie realizes that Brian's \"\"betrayal\"\" was the push she wanted him to give Michael, and for that she is grateful. Michael asks David if the offer to move in is still open. Emmett finally gets the good news that he is negative."
"Michael is still not speaking to Brian. Tracy is more upset that Michael has been lying to her than she is about his being gay, but they work things out. Michael and David enjoy their new found domestic bliss, though not without a few bumps. A miserable Brian begins spending his free time with Ted, his son and their mothers. Ted is delighted because he's getting Brian's numerous rejects, but his constant presence is driving Melanie crazy. Determined to give up men forever, Emmett joins a \"\"conversion therapy\"\" group. Lindsay and Melanie continue to fight about Brian, finances and their future. Realizing how much Michael and Brian care about each other, Justin engineers sort-of a reconciliation between them."
"Brian gets involved briefly with Kip, a younger co-worker who's been with the company only a few months. Melanie flirts with one of the guests at a baby shower she and Lindsay are hosting for another lesbian couple. When Ted and Michael discover Emmett is throwing out his porn collection and toys, he tells them about the \"\"See the Light\"\" group he's joined. After another fight with Lindsay, Melanie ends up at a bar with Marianne, then back at her place. When Ted and Michael discover that Emmett's favorite porn star is in town, they offer him $1,000 to seduce Emmett and \"\"save\"\" him from the group they believe is brainwashing him. Brian refuses Kip's request that he recommend him for a promotion on the grounds that he doesn't have enough experience, then reminds him not to expect special favors just because they're both gay. Melanie confesses to Lindsay that she cheated on her and moves out. Emmett tells Michael and Ted that he resisted the temptation that was Zack O'Tool, and that he must"
"Ryder asks Brian to stay home until the harassment suit with Kip is resolved, leaving Brian feeling like he's considered guilty until proven innocent. At \"See the Light\" Emmett meets Heather, a similarly struggling lesbian. Melanie agrees to defend Brian in the harassment suit. David doesn't want Michael to get involved in Brian's problems. Ted and Melanie are stunned when they run into Emmett and Heather, who are on a date. Michael lies to David that he needs to stay with a sick Debbie in order to get out of dinner so he can go to Brian's and cheer him up, not realizing that David will check up on her to make sure she's alright. David then finds Michael and Brian at Woody's, where they are drunk and playing guitars as they relive high school memories. Justin seduces Kip, and then them tells him he's 17 and that his father will come after him with the police unless he does something for Justin. David and Michael argue about the lying and Brian's importance in Michael's life."
"Lindsay reluctantly leaves Gus with Brian while she goes out of town for a conference. David's 12-year-old son Hank comes for a visit that David has planned down to the very minute. Jack tells Brian he has cancer and only has a few more months. Hank tells Michael he didn't want to visit, that he's only here because his mother made him. Debbie advises Brian to be honest with his father before he dies. Brian leaves Gus with Justin so he can go to the Leather Ball at Babylon, a move that will earn him angry castigations from both Melanie and Lindsay. Ted discovers that a former business school classmate is an award-winning \"\"Leather Daddy\"\" whose house includes a dungeon-themed playroom. Ted refuses Dale's proposal to be his \"\"slave.\"\" Michael thinks Hank hates visiting his father because he's gay, but it's really because of David's itineraries and over-planning. The two end up bonding over a mutual love for comic books."
"Michael is growing tired of David's paying for everything. It reaches a breaking point when he learns that David is not cashing the checks for his share of the monthly expenses. When his homeroom teacher ignores the bullying and name-calling that Chris and his friends are directing at Justin and another student they think is gay, he curses out the teacher and draws a suspension. Melanie goes to the house to try reconciling with Lindsay, only to find a strange Frenchman living there who won't even let her in to see Gus. Debbie counsels Justin on dealing with homophobia at school. David agrees they will only do things both he and Michael can afford, even if that means canceling the surprise trip to Paris he'd planned for them. Both Melanie and Brian want an explanation from Lindsay, who tells them that Guillaume is a friend and colleague who has moved in to help with expenses and to help take care of Gus."
"Michael returns from Paris as if he's joined a higher income bracket with all the things David has bought him: new car, expensive clothes, and no time for Brian and the others. The harassment at school continues for Justin, but his request for a gay-straight student alliance is still denied. Lindsay continues ahead with her plan to marry Guillaume despite Brian's warning she's marrying the wrong person. Guillaume counters Brian's threat to call Immigration by reminding him that Lindsay could go to jail over their green-card marriage, then pushes Brian's buttons by suggesting that he might adopt Gus to make their arrangement look more convincing."
"Brian discovers David at the baths; Justin finds out his parents are getting a divorce; Ted reconnects with Blake; a hunk from Babylon hits on Michael."
"In the throes of a hot session Brian gets upsetting news; Daphne asks Justin to be her first time; Ted wants Blake, despite his crystal meth addiction."
"The annual contest, King of Babylon is up. The gang goes to Babylon, and Justin tells Brian we should go home to have sex. Brian responds, by if he can't find anyone, He'll be his back up. Justin gets fed up of Brian not wanting him. By this time, Brian has already found a guy, and is about to leave, when Justin name is called to be the next contestant. Justin turns the table, and does his stripper dance, that makes ever guy (including Brian's date) want him. Justin is crowned king, and Brian gets a bit jealous when Justin takes Brian's date and have a quick fuck downstairs."
"Brian is chosen 'Ad person of the Year' and encouraged to take his talent to the Big Apple; Vic appears in court to plead his case; Blake gets a job; David's ex-wife's divorce takes him to Portland."
"Brian turns 30; Michael and David prepare for their move to Portland; Ted faces the truth about Blake; Justin and Daphne attend their prom where a big surprise awaits; On his way to the airport, Michael receives a call from Brian."
Season 2 - Queer as Folk
"Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after his bashing, Justin can't remember the fateful night - and Brian can't forget it. Lindsay pops the question to Melanie at her sister's wedding. Michael returns to Pittsburgh just as Chris Hobbs is sentenced."
"Justin is unable to process Chris Hobbs' attack, or to accept physical contact, despite Brian's best efforts. Ted is fired for surfing porn at work. Michael and Emmett take jobs as naked waiters. This time, it's Melanie who proposes to Lindsay."
"Ted's favorite author, Howard Bellweather, protests Brian's Hero Award while collecting his own, Emmett works for men who are similar to the politically correct characters of the fabulous new gay TV drama, \"Gay as Blazes,\" and Michael wants to reconnect with Brian at a comic-book convention."
"Brian, Michael, Justin, Emmett, Ted, Lindsay, Melanie and Debbie all overcome various obstacles to show their PRIDE in Pittsburgh's annual parade."
"As a result of his gay bashing, Justin loses the motor skills necessary to succeed in art school, and is forced to drop out, while Michael decides to quit his job at the Big Q and risk everything to buy a comic-book store. Meanwhile, Ted becomes an entrepreneur as well, ditching his new accounting job to start his own porno website."
"Justin and Brian renegotiate their relationship; Lindsay is disgusted by Ted's new business, which is flourishing thanks to Emmett; one of Michael's first customers could be the love of his life. Meanwhile, Melanie shares a dirty little secret."
"Despite the objections of his friends and family, Michael decides to continue dating HIV-positive Ben. Emmett's ego is swelled by the success of Ted's porn web site, while Lindsay and Melanie struggle to get Lindsay's parents to cough up some money for their wedding."
"Michael tries to forget Ben by dating again, while Justin has an encounter with somebody closer to his own age than Brian, and Emmett is surprised when he meets his secret admirer."
"Michael fights to get Ben back into his life, but first he must prove that he can handle the HIV-positive situation, while Brian is introduced to his mother's minister - a man he's already met in very different circumstances."
"As Michael mourns the death of his favorite comic-book superhero, Debbie discovers a real-life murder victim, Emmett helps George to have fun, and Melanie and Lindsay find inspiration in the pages of a grandmother's secret letters."
"Lindsay and Melanie's wedding day approaches despite numerous obstacles and the hostility of the zodiac, but Brian has won two tickets to the Miami White Party (which falls on the same weekend), and Emmett has finally saved enough money for the buttocks-enhancement surgery he's always wanted."
"Michael is shocked to learn that his new boyfriend Ben once slept with Brian, while Ted gets a shot at acceptance by Pittsburgh's elite \"A-Gays,\" and Debbie probes the case of a dead boy found behind her diner, impressing a local detective."
"Popular Pittsburgh drag queen Divina Devore comes back to town bearing an uncanny resemblance to Michael. Justin pays the bills by dancing at Babylon, while Melanie and Lindsay enlist Brian's aid in getting Gus accepted into a good preschool."
"Justin's dancing gig proves so lucrative that he begins neglecting his studies, while Emmett embarks on a short-lived around-the-world adventure with George, and Michael struggles to accept his mom's new relationship with a police detective."
"Michael and Justin begin collaborating on a comic book idea but their success provokes jealousy in Brian. Emmett is ejected from George's funeral, while Melanie and Lindsay accept a new houseguest: Melanie's ex, to whom Lindsay is secretly attracted."
"Michael puts together a surprise birthday party for the very reluctant Ben, while Justin (whose birthday is the same day) meets a potential new suitor in the romantic musician Ethan; Ted keeps his porn profession secret from his new lover, Luke."
"Brian is forced to cancel vacation plans with Justin when his company is sold to a new owner; Emmett discovers that George bequeathed him ten million dollars, while Melanie and Lindsay deal with their lackluster love life."
"Justin reconsiders his definition of true romance after spending time with street musician Ethan, while Ben's illness worsens and takes a toll on Michael; Emmett prepares to battle George's family over his estate."
"Ted discovers he's become immune to the power of porn thanks to the complicated issues of running his racy web site, while Debbie challenges some homophobic cops to a bowling showdown, Melanie and Lindsay try to get houseguest Leda to finally leave, and Michael wrestles with telling Brian about Justin's new romance with Ethan."
"On the eve of their new comic book's debut, Justin and Michael face personal crises: the former must choose between Brian and Ethan, while the latter must decide whether or not to allow a recovered Ben to pursue his dream of studying in a Tibetan monastery for six months. Meanwhile, Ted considers confessing his true feelings to Emmett."
Season 3 - Queer as Folk
"Michael and Justin face uncertainty over the future of their comic book, \"Rage.\" Brian doesn't seem to care that Justin chose Ethan over him - at least initially. Ted and Emmett explore the possibilities of a relationship. Mel and Lindsay talk about having another child."
"Having left Brian, Justin must find a way to pay for school; much to Lindsay's surprise, Melanie expresses her desire to have another baby. Emmett discovers a loophole in his relationship with Ted in order to honor a previously arranged liaison."
"Brian lends his expertise to the Center's \"Carnivale\" fundraiser and considers Lindsay and Melanie's sperm-donation request. Ted and Emmett divulge priceless gay-man secrets to Deb, who's nervous about intimacy with Carl. Ben's former partner dies."
"Lindsay and Melanie ask Michael to father their second child. Brian's accused of molesting his nephew. Ted loves having Emmett in his heart - but his condo's another story."
"Brian wins Police Chief Stockwell's mayoral race account much to his friends' dismay. Ethan is offered representation after the Heifetz competition. Melanie and Lindsay try for a second child thanks to Michael's donation."
"With Brian's help Stockwell takes the lead in the polls. Ted readies Jerk-at-work.net for any surprise police raids. Michael confronts Ben about his steroid use; Ethan gives Justin a surprise performance."
"Ted is out on bail and begs Brian to talk to Stockwell on his behalf. Justin confronts Ethan. Melanie is pregnant, much to everyone's delight. Ben promises to stop using steroids."
"Michael and Ben help out a young hustler. Justin begins an internship at Vanguard and a quest to win Brian back. Lindsay is blossoming in her new job at the gallery. Ted reacts to a sudden role-reversal with Emmett."
"Woody's is closed down after an Amateur Strip Contest. Stockwell discovers Brian's gay. Ted's humiliated when he tends bar at one of Emmett's soirees. Melanie promises Lindsay she'll work less during her pregnancy, then lands the case of a lifetime."
"Brian and Justin clash over Stockwell; Ted takes a dangerous detour on his way to a weekend getaway. Melanie finds Michael's \"doting dad\" routine annoying. Hunter the street hustler calls in a favor from Ben."
"Brian is fired when he's caught undermining Stockwell's campaign. Ben and Michael tell Hunter he's positive. Ted's tempted to go to his first White Party with his new \"friends.\""
"Brian investigates the death of Dumpster Boy based on a tip from Hunter. Emmett is furious when Melanie and Lindsay insist Ted's an addict. Ted asks Emmett to share his experience."
"Hunter collects evidence tying Dumpster Boy's murderer to Stockwell. Justin risks expulsion when he refuses to apologize for his anti-Stockwell posters. Emmett confronts Ted about his drug use."
"Brian risks everything to bring down Stockwell on the eve of the election. Ted finally hits rock bottom. Hunter's mother arrives to take him away from Ben and Michael. Lindsay learns of Melanie's superstitions about getting through her first trimester."
Season 4 - Queer as Folk
"After spending all his money getting Stockwell defeated, Brian is at a crossroads about his future; Michael and Hunter return home to face the custody hearing."
"Brian starts his own ad agency; Ted graduates from rehab with Blake by his side; Michael and Emmett go on a retreat; Justin decides to join a gay vigilante group."
"Justin finds himself risking his life with the Pink Posse; Avoiding his friends, Ted finds work as a waiter; Vic decides to move in with Rodney, leaving Debbie alone."
"Justin finds Cody becoming too violent; Brian hires Ted at his new agency; Mel struggles with an important case; Hunter's social worker arrives unannounced."
"Debbie feels left out of Vic's new life; Ben asks Michael for an honest opinion of his new book; Cody challenges Justin to confront his violent side."
"Debbie and Vic have words over his new life, which ends in tragedy; Michael and Justin receive good news about 'Rage'; Brian is told some devastating news."
"Debbie continues to be numb over Vic's death; Ted falls into old habits when Blake tries to break it off with him; Brian is diagnosed with testicular cancer."
"Brian continues to keep his illness to himself; Debbie tries to re-connect with Horvath; Justin and Michael hear a pitch from a Hollywood producer about 'Rage'."
"Emmett gets mixed messages from a pro-football player; Jealous over Michael's success, Ben finds sympathy from a former student; Justin discovers Brian's illness."
"Brian continues to deal with radiation treatment; Ben is tempted when a former student shows interest in him; Sam and Lindsay struggle with their mutual attraction."
"Brian fund-raises for the gay center; Emmett and Drew continue their affair; Sam is ready to fight for Lindsay; Ben and Michael have suspicions about Hunter."
"Brian participates in the Liberty Ride; Hunter tells Callie about his status; Emmett is unsure about his affair with Drew; Mel and Lindsay contemplate a separation."
"Preparations for the Liberty Ride get underway; Mel is confined to bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy; Justin is invited to Hollywood to pitch 'Rage'."
"Michael and Ben have trouble crossing into the U.S. as a married couple. Ted and Emmett get lost in the woods on the way to a 12-step meeting, while Brian takes a nasty fall and breaks his collarbone. Melanie goes into labor. 'Rage' is given the green light."
Season 5 - Queer as Folk
"The Gang is back!! Michael plans a party that doesn't go quite as planned. Justin makes a decision that will effect his future with Brian and Brian makes a sound investment in a new business venture with Ted's encouragement."
"Times are changing on Liberty Avenue. Justin returns and Brian re-opens Babylon. Michael makes a major decision regarding his daughter while Emmett gets a new job. Ted becomes the center of attention and makes some changes to his appearance."
"Brian and Michael's relationship is showing signs of strain as Michael embraces his new life with Ben and their family. Debbie decides to retire from the diner and a newcomer takes over."
"Brian's beliefs regarding marriage haven't changed. Debbie has difficulty adjusting to retirement and Ted decides to make some drastic changes in his life."
"Brian has some news for Justin and ALL of his previous partners. Carl has a rival for Debbie's affections and Hunter makes a decision that will not only change his life, but Ben and Michael's as well."
"Brian has a rival. Emmett faces a career challenge while Ted has the oppotunity to exact some revenge. Ben and Michael try to help Hunter and Debbie's retirement appears to be shortlived."
"Justin decides to leave the loft which creates a rift between Michael and Brian. Ted struggles to exact his plan of revenge while Lindsey and Gus move back to her parents."
"Ben grieves the loss of Hunter. Melanie and Lindsey attempt an in-house seperation. Emmett finds himself the centre of some unwanted attention and Justin has a brush with the law...and his father."
"Brian and Michael are still not talking. Lindsey and Melanie's seperation contiunes. Ted continues his search to find Mr. Right and Drew Boyd finally comes out."
"Cyndi Lauper guest stars as Babylon plays hosts to an event that will shatter many lives...especially Ben's."
"Brian re-evaulates his priorities in the aftermath of the bombing. Michael contiunes on the long and painful road to recovery with Ben at his side and a vigil for the victims ends in chaos."
"Brian and Justin celebrate with the biggest choice of their lives. Meanwhile, Lindsay and Melanie make the final decision about their future, while Emmett makes his decision about his relationship with Drew. Ted apears to have found happiness at last."
"Will Brian and Justin finally live happily ever after? Has Ted found the right guy, or does Mr. Right lie closer to home? How will Lindsay and Melanie say goodbye to all their friends before starting a new life? What will Ben and Michael's decision be regarding Hunter? Find out in Queer as Folk's series finale, because it'll be surprising as the show has always been."
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